1. Birthday Wishes | Blessings | Greetings | Quotes | Status | Memes | Thoughts
    Ultimate collections of special Birthday Greeting wishes, Blessings, Quotes, Status, Memes, Funny Fb Status for you for this Year! These special birthday quotes are suitable to celebrate the birthday of your Brother, Sister, BoyFriend, GirlFriend, Wife, Husband and Friends.

    • “Happy Birthday to one of the few people whose birthday I can remember without a Facebook reminder.”
    • “Here’s wishing a Happy Birthday to the most charming, funny, attractive and rocking personality in town. Have a great day.”
    • “Happy Birthday !! Have a wonderful happy, healthy birthday and many more to come.”
    • “You’re truly the best person.Happy birthday to you!”
    • “Every year on your birthday, you get a chance to start new.”
    • “May all the happiness come to you in all of your life. Many Many happy returns of the day!”
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  2. Birthday Cake Ideas
    Many creative Birthday cakes are available in market. Birthday Cake With Name, Birthday Cake With Photo/Image,
    Birthday Cake Images/Pics are most popular.

    Learn PURSE CAKE with Edible Roses by Cakes StepbyStep

  3. Traditional Birthday Song | Funny Birthday name Song

    • Traditional Birthday Lyrics

      Happy Birthday to You

      Happy Birthday to You

      Happy Birthday Dear (name)

      Happy Birthday to You.

      From good friends and true,

      From old friends and new,

      May good luck go with you,

      And happiness too.

      Alternative ending:

      How old are you?

      How old are you?

      How old, How old

      How old are you?

    • Funny Birthday Lyrics

      Happy Birthday to You

      You live in a zoo

      You look like a monkey

      And you smell like one too.

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  4. Best Birthday Gifts for Brother, Sister, Boyfriend, Girlfriend

    Here are some The best Birthday gifts for brother, sister, boy-friend, girl-friend

    • Watch | Wallet | Perfume
    • Hand bag | Sun glasses
    • Junk jewellery | Make up set
    • Top | A saree | Favorite Dress
    • Portable speaker | MP3 player
    • Her fav footwear
    • A pet
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  5. Belated Happy Birthday Wishes & Messages With Images

    Your friend’s or special one’s birthday has just passed and you have not remembered to wish him well ? Sometimes it happens that, because of the work and many other activities that we do during our day, we forget to make wishes to friends and acquaintances. Here we have is a fantastic collection of late birthday greetings with images that you can dedicate to someone dear to you, to “apologize” for having forgotten the birthday and send their good wishes in a fun way. You will see that the birthday person will have a good laugh and appreciate the gesture, thanking you with sympathy.
    Happy Belated Birthday Wishes

    • You know that I have a habit of being late for the greatest and most beautiful events, and that of your birthday was no less. But you must keep in mind that I love you and from here I send you my biggest wishes a little late. May this new year be the best of your life!
    • Late greetings? I think all the social networks must have broken down yesterday, I congratulated you, if they did not reach you, it’s not my fault. Hehehe Your most forgetful friend sends you his biggest wishes and congratulations in this new stage!
    • I googled like a crazy “belated birthday wishes” and “late birthday greetings” and “sorry for the missed birthday”, but the best greeting comes from the heart when I say “I hope you had a great birthday”.
    • Better late than never, right? Hope you had a great birthday.
    • Happy late birthday I forgot it! hehe: D
    • Better late than never, Congratulations
    • You already know me, I’m always late. Congratulations late!
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  6. Creative and affordable Birthday Return Gift Ideas for Kids

      Every Kid’s birthday is a special time, it is filled with happyness and creativity. This, is also why birthdays can become extremely expensive. At most birthdays, children who attend the party leave with party favours or return gifts, these inexpensive gifts are often the trendsetter for your child’s future birthdays.

      It can be hard to help your child have a birthday that stands out, having fun and unique return gifts can help with that. Here is a list of 20 unique return gift ideas that will help make your child’s birthday party the talk of the town:

    • Clay Kits

      One thing to remember when considering kids birthday return gift ideas is the theme, for a creative theme you could have numerous games that incorporate art into it. In this situation, a great return gift is a kit of various colours of children’s clay.

    • Miniature Board Games

      In an age of digital indulgence, having miniature board games as return gifts can be a great gift for kids as it not only is fun for the kid but it will gain favour with the parents as well.

    • Toy Race Cars

      When considering a race car themed birthday, it only seems appropriate for the return gift to be tiny race cars, these types of return gifts are growing in popularity all over the world. This is especially popular amongst the boys.

    • Stuffed Animals

      The options when considering birthday return gift ideas for toddlers can be immense, a safe bet is always a small stuffed animal, these can be different animals making your little one’s return gifts unique to each guest.

    • Puzzles

      Another family-friendly return gift that is both gender neutral and parents will appreciate as much as the children will are puzzles. Puzzles can bring people together, increase the development of analytical thought in your child and with fun images, can excite them and keep them occupied for a few hours.

    • Piggy Banks

      These return gifts are great for teaching children to save in a fun and cute manner. You can find different kinds of piggy banks and make the return gifts unique for each child.

    • Jewellery Kits

      A trend that has been extremely popular amongst little girls are pretend jewellery making kits, these have beads, strings and glitter as basic kits but you can find more elaborate options too.

    • Lunch Boxes

      These are great gifts for children, especially if the lunch boxes have fun cartoon prints on them. You can get one set for boys and another for girls.

    • Pencil Boxes

      Another useful and fun present for kids, cartoon themed pencil boxes are not just gender neutral but are practical.

    • Kaleidoscope

      These gifts will set you apart just because it will fascinate the young ones while teaching them about shapes and colours. These are educational, fun and gender neutral.

    • Finger Paints

      These return gifts are creative, fun and will instantly be a hit amongst children; it also helps increase creativity amongst the young ones making it a hit amongst their parents. This is magnificent because you will see children light up with joy regardless of gender. Remember to buy non-toxic, children’s paints.

    • Snow Globes

      These are awesome gifts that will really make your child’s friends jump with joy, getting different snow globes will give all the kids a sense of uniqueness. Snow globes are entertaining gifts that children usually adore.

    • Pop-up Story Books

      A fun and creative gift, this promotes reading and is fun for kids. Because of the pop-up images, parents will thank you for the excitement it will cause for story time and it helps encourage children to use their imagination.

    • Stickers

      Children adore stickers, getting cartoon sticker sheets are not just great when you’re on a budget but they are great statement presents for your children’s friends.

    • Glow In The Dark Stars

      A great present for children coming to your young one’s birthday are glow in the dark stars that can be stuck above their beds.

    • Crayons

      All young children love art and crayons inspire art. This is considered a classic return gift because it is so popular.

    • Comics

      A comic is considered one of the most popular return gifts for a reason; it promotes a reading habit while keeping the child entertained.

    • Whistles

      A traditional return gift, this will not just entertain your child to no end but it will also build musical abilities in children.

    • Colouring Books

      Another way to encourage the kids at the party to stay creative is by giving them colouring books. Children love to draw and colour and this encourages them to do just that.

    • Globes

      Encourage the children’s sense of adventure by sending them off from your child’s party with a globe.
  7. Birthday Room Decoration Ideas | Design | Drawing | Decorate PicsBirthday Decoration Items

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