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  1. What should I gift my girlfriend for her birthday?

    • Pull-Out Photo Album

      Now that’s a great way to bring a smile on anyone’s face. This is my personal favorite out of the lot as it comes with a guarantee of making them happy every time they pull it open. A pull-out photo album is a great alternative to your regular, boring and traditional photo album. You can go about it either way; that is to say you can either opt for new instant photos or get redo the old ones in a similar size and style. Getting new pictures for this album can be a whole lot of fun. Although, reprinting the old photos in this style will add an element of surprise to the whole gift.

      Either way, once you’re done with them, the next step is to choose something that would make for a perfect knot. Yes, you can use colored tassels, ribbons, decorative metal hooks, hinges and clasps. Stud them with fake stones or sequins and gold wires. You can find them all at a local craft store. You can also put some on the corners and edges of the photographs for a more star studded look. Now to store them, you can use a vintage style good wooden box. They are widely available at any online store these days and trust me it will be the ideal keeper of this unique memoire.

    • Glitter Cup

      No, you’re not going to the nearest Starbucks for it. You can do it at home and very easily. All you have to do is get a double layer tumbler of your choice and some glitter, sequin, water and glycerin. You can start be opening the bottom of the tumbler, simple isn’t it? Add as much sparkle as you want, I personally like to believe that you just can’t have enough glitter in your life or in your cup. Now pour in a mixture of some glycerin and water or just plain water. But the glycerin just makes them float more fluidly. Screw on the bottom tightly and you’re done. You can play with photos as well. You can add some picture cutoffs of the gift receiver or their favorite cartoon character perhaps.

    • Goodies Bouquet

      This is without a doubt the perfect gift for someone with a sweet tooth and for someone who is difficult to shop for! We all love candy, right? You can include that and more, like chocolates, cookies, marshmallow, jelly and whatever you can think of. I like this idea for a “would be” mother or a teenager or perhaps for dads on Father’s Day. And thinking of dads, a liquor bouquet is as thrilling as the candy one. This easily becomes the manliest gift ever with liquor bottles, shot glasses, cigars and filter and probably some beef jerky sticks.

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  2. What should be the best gift for girlfriend on her birthday?

    Kiss her !!
    If it is your first birthday bash after your relationship started, then tell her how important she is to you ! Enough she will be in heaven .

    Spend more money..we generally see quotes like , money is temporary and love is forever . But girls do like money a lot,UNIVERSAL TRUTH !!

    So impress her with some gifts and end your evening by a perfect kiss.

  3. What should I give to my girlfriend as a gift?

    Step 1 Set yourself a budget. It may be as low as nothing or as high as two thousand dollars.
    Step 2 Decide the genre. Are you going to give something romantic, something for the kitchen, or maybe something for her sewing hobby?
    Step 3 Get the best goddamned thing you possibly can within your budget.

    This is an important principle to learn in gift-giving. Value-to-theme relations. If your budget is $20 and you buy a telephone, chances are she’s not going to be impressed. If you buy a $20 calligraphy pen with a casket, that’s more like it.

    Always get the top of the line thing you can get for your budget.

  4. What is the best birthday gift for a girl friend?

    If she likes makeup, buy her a makeup set of the products she loves using or wishes she had.

    I’d be over the moon if I ever received makeup as a gift. To me it’s an awesome bridal gift as well; I mean cmon, you use that ish until forever, treasure it like nothing before.

    Many girls can relate to that feeling, because imagine getting this:

    Over this (pretty usual gift which probably gets over with & forgotten about in a day.):

    Trust me, if she’s into makeup & you get her a set or something of that sort, she will absolutely love it & remember you for it because to me it shows dedication & interest when shopping for your gal.

    Also if it’s too pricy & you can’t afford all that, there’s no need to go all extravagant & buy the whole makeup set. Choose proportionately according to her liking so that you stay within your budget because we all know how bloody expensive that sh*t can get.

  5. A gift for your girlfriend eh?

    Tricky! But challenge accepted.

    In many ways what you gift your girlfriend directly translates to how well you know her interests. Not only that, a gift to your girlfriend should also be undying. Hence, you need to do something EPIC.

    The margin of error is very small here because she’ll never forget the time you screwed up. Give her something that has almost zero chances of messing up. How about a handmade portrait of hers, made by a professional artist?

    Gifting a portrait is the kind of thing a King would do for his Queen! They are iconic and royal. Plus, she’ll know the efforts you have put in to get it done perfectly, when you gift her one. And a classy portrait will never go unnoticed on her room’s wall. Anyone who steps into her house will ask about it and she’ll get an excuse to brag about her amazing boyfriend! 😛

    Here are some sketches to give you an idea:

    If pencil sketches don’t seem very appealing to you, you can try oil painting or watercolour paintings like these:

    Sketches are surreal, watercolours are pacifying but oil paintings are eminent! That’s the beauty of portraits, handmade and personalized. With the right artist, you can have ANYTHING done.

    You don’t have to be a Van Gogh yourself for this, let the professionals handle it at: SmileMiddle . You’ve already seen their work above, here’s some more to see.

    All you have to do is select the right picture. It can be from one of her important days – first day of school or work, your first date together or any of your memories that you cherish together. You could also make it part of a bigger surprise, in case you were planning to propose her or something.

    And, it’s not as expensive as you think it will be. There’ll be enough left in your budget to go for that dinner later.

    Bonus point: If you make it a couple sketch, your smiles will be framed together forever for everyone to see.

  6. Gifts For Girl Friend

    The scariest question which appears on the mind of most of you when it’s getting close to that time of year again when you have to find the perfect gifts for your girlfriend’s birthday is what to gift your girlfriend on her birthday. Finding the right gift for that special someone can be a project in and of itself. So here I’m listing out ways to sweep your girlfriend off her feet with never-thought-of-before (may be) gifts on her birthday :

    Chocolates : Chocolates are the best gifts for girlfriend to express your love ! Make her feel special by gifting her extra special, sweet and nutty chocolates.
    Elegant Photo Collage : Pick the cutest pictures of you together, print them at CVS and pop them in a frame. Photos are a beautiful way to treasure your memories and to keep them with you forever. It will make a great dorm decoration and all her roommates will be jealous of her amazing boyfriend.
    Get her that dress : You know the one she looks longingly at every time you’re shopping, but will never buy? Pull the trigger. It shows you pay attention. Plus, it’s a guarantee she’ll look super cute in it.
    Find an old book : If your girlfriend is an avid reader, check out some used bookstores and find a really old edition of her favorite book (bonus points for scribbles in the margins). Write a sweet note on the title page and watch her melt.
    Beautiful phone case : A girl’s most important accessory is her phone. Buy a plain colored case and cover it with stickers or doodle on it with Sharpies. She’ll think of you every time she uses her phone, which is basically always.
    Figure out her needs : Whether it’s a new bookshelf for her apartment, a new lens for her camera or a set of pots and pans for her kitchen, figure out something that she needs but won’t justify spending the money on. Yes, it’s practical, but not boring. It’s thoughtful.
    Surprise her : Specially if you’re in a long distance relationship (go you !), book a ticket. Make sure you clear it with her parents or friends before you show up at her doorstep, but she’ll love getting to see you for her big day, especially if she thought she wouldn’t.
    Throw her a party : Plan a surprise party with all of her friends and favorite drinks. Take her out to the movies while the roomies set up and when you get back, bask in the glow of her shocked and appreciative face. Plus, it’ll get you in good with her friends, which is what the Spice Girls taught us 😉
    Do something she loves (that you hate) : She loves being outdoors, but you’d rather stay inside. She’s a foodie, but you’re cool with burgers and fries. Whatever it is, step outside of your comfort zone. She’ll loving sharing a new experience with you and it’s kind of cute to watch you squirm.

    Last but not the least and by far the most important one…!!!

    Gift her friends & family : Invite her best school buddy or her closest cousin to her home on her birthday – someone who she loves dearly (other than you) and someone whose sudden appearance would make her feel incredibly happy and surprised. If she lives away from her parents (i.e. in a different city) you can invite them also, ,which will be a real surprise for her I’m sure. Make sure you manage to keep the whole thing from your girlfriend until the arrival of the guest.

    Birthday gifts are ultimate way to show your love. Make it super easy and fun to find the best birthday gifts to fit your girlfriend’s personality perfectly. Show off your thoughtful side while also staying on budget.

    • Perfume and Flowers

      Pay Attention to the Perfume She Wears, the Flowers She Likes and the Cloth Shops She Goes to
      You need to pay attention to what she likes and her behavior. If she always visits a specific restaurant or store, use that knowledge to choose the right gift for her.

    • Listen to What She Says

      It’s highly probable that your girlfriend will tell you anything you need to know. The trick about this is listening. You need to listen more accurately for her ideas. She is likely to drop some hints at certain times of the year. Keep your eyes always open and make notes somewhere.

    • You Do not Need a High Budget to Get the Right Gift

      The best gifts that will make her happy don’t at all times come in jewelry boxes. She will appreciate gifts that absorb the highest thought. Personal gifts that will show how much you know about her and what she loves will always win the day. However, if you have the cash and see something shiny consider getting it for her if you know the type of jewelry she likes and doesn’t. Just visit amazon for this purpose: Gifts For Girlfriend | Gift Advisor (cheap and great amount of products)

    • Doing Something Special with Her can be Better than a Gift

      Girlfriends’ birthday gifts need not be material. There is high probability that she will highly appreciate the good experience you share together than tangible gifts. Tickets to the movies, show or touring somewhere new can work much as well.

    • Don’t Go Shopping with Without any Idea

      Another common mistake that men make is going shopping without an idea of the gift you are looking for a woman. You are likely to pick something you are not sure whether she will like and then waste the remaining time worrying that you have made a mistake.

    • Start Thinking Early

      Waiting till the last minute to choose a gift is the easiest way to mess things up. Start thinking on gifts options some months before her birthday. Otherwise, you may end up panic buying a thoughtless item the day before and start regretting you were not better organized.

    • Talk to her Friends

      If you totally have no any idea, consider talking to her closest friends as this could be the greatest approach to find the perfect gift for her birthday. They may know your woman better than you think you do, mostly in terms of the types of items she likes buying. Do not overlook this by especially talking to her closest girlfriends.

    • Do not be Afraid to Ask

      There is no harm to asking your girlfriend what she likes, provided it is not a few days before the day. A slight enquiry some months in advance will let her know that you are thinking of her birthday and she may give you some helpful food for thought.

    • Do not Forget to Make the Day Special

      Don’t just give her a birthday gift or two and then forget about it. Make the whole day special for her with flowers, cake and a good meal in some place nice. Plan the day for her, but also give her a chance to change it if she wish, it’s her day after all. She will love the day.

  7. What are some good birthday gifts for my girlfriend?

    Jewelry. You can take a few pictures of things she normally wears and ask a jeweler to help you pick out something in that style;
    Gift card for a massage. It’s pretty rare for someone to not like a massage;
    Gift card to her favorite store. If you aren’t sure what this is, you can look at some of the labels on her clothes and do an internet search to see where they are sold.
    Perfume. You can write down some perfumes she already has and try to find some that are similar, or try something completely different;
    Flowers. Pretty much everyone likes these. If you think she won’t like them, you could always get a potted plant, and;
    Something experiential. Some examples of this are: tickets to a concert or sporting event, or better yet, a class you guys could take together (cooking is a good one).

  8. Being a woman, I can understand the emotional turmoil you go through while choosing a gift for us because it’s possibly the second hardest thing in the world to figure out because it’s end motive is to please a woman which is, without a doubt, the hardest thing in the world to do. Period.

    So, I decided to do a good deed today and have jotted down for you the list of 10 best gifts you can present to the woman in your life which are sure to make her happy! Not only will these gifts ensure that your female counterpart is pleased, but also help you to strengthen your bonding with her.

    Whatever be the occasion, be it a birthday or a ‘Just like that’ gift, I’m sure this guide will do the wonders for you!

    Now you may go forth!

    1. A Meal Cooked By You.

    Doesn’t matter if your masterpiece turns out to be the best, burnt piece of food, the moment you set foot in the kitchen and used that spatula for stirring the contents in the pot, you had her heart. Still, I’d recommend you to try your best not to burn it.

    2. Purchasing that Thing they Eyed when they Left the Shop.

    You know what eventually got Rachel and Ross together? That pearl brooch Rachel eyed when she was passing by a shop and Ross got it for her. See? If they can happen, so will you!

    3. Bake the Cake

    So you want to make the occasion special? All you gotta do is BAKE THAT CAKE!

    4. Take/Send them on a Vacation.

    Take impromptu vacations or gift them a girlfriend getaway because why should guys have all the fun? Every woman needs an outing with her girlfriends and if you actually arrange that for her, I’m telling you, you are in their good books!

    5. Give Them the Gift of Self-defense.

    It’s your duty to help her in becoming self-dependant and this effort of yours would be greatly rewarded.

    Enroll her into a Self-defense class and make sure that any eve-teaser who has the audacity to make her mad doesn’t escape without his foot in his mouth.

  9. What should I gift to My Girlfriend on Her Birthday?

    Please gift her something which might save her life one day .

    1)pepper spray.


    Because it’s 2018 and the streets are not safe.After having that pepper spray She can easily defend herself if someone tries to attack her. She will definitely thank you later 🙂

    2)A Safety Pin.

    This small piece of metal can help her to stand against molestation.

    While I was traveling in local train ,I saw so much crowd.I noticed one man intentionally touched a lady while leaning to a pole. My stoppage was next so I didn’t do anything.

    So I thought that my lady also must be facing all these problems 🙁

    So I gave it to her when I met her.

    Imagine your girlfriend in the case mentioned above situation. But don’t worry she has a safety pin with her. 🙂

    A safety pin might help your girlfriend to poke if someone tries to touch her without her consent and trust me it hurts.

    3)A electric Tazer ring.

    When I gave her the safety pin,it seemed that she might have been through this horrible experience (explained above) also 🙁

    She didn’t tell me but I saw that in her eyes.

    So when I came back to my house I started searching on YouTube about

    Electric Tazer Ring .

    I bought a disposable camera the very next day as all the components are to be taken from it.

    The tazer ring will automatically charge up after pressing a button and will shock if someone touches to the opposite electode part.

    I made it in 2 days but due to some issues I wasn’t able to give it to her.

    It reminded me of movie Bahubali.

    Bahubali cuts the head of the guy who molested many ladies (including his wife)

    I wish to do so but for now ,i will shock the crap of the molester.

    I am modern day Bahubali :p (sarcasm) .

  10. What are some great suggestions to gift my girlfriend for her birthday?

    Girlfriend or any human being will easily forget a tangible gift within days or months, so it’s better if you give some lifetime memories as a gift.

    Some example:
    1- Request a local Radio station at some specific time when you are together and RJ will prompt both of your names about the favorite song and play her favorite song.

    2- Watch yourself and your Girl Friend on any Music Channels of TV!

    You can search that which Music channels show the Couple’s name at the bottom line of song while its playing. It shows on TV channels as this Song is requested for “Girl” by “Boy”. You can also leave a specific message for your GF such as I love you etc…

    3- You can see some news papers will publish the Pics based on the Pics you sent them. If you have gone somewhere for outing or in some Garden whichever you have a best pic which she likes very much, you can request the news paper publication to publish it for you. And they will also notify you the date of your pic publish.. so on that day you can show her that she got Famous! 🙂

    4- Cook something for her which she likes based on her taste if you know!

    Whatever the taste it would be, if you just cook it then there is noting more important to show your love by cooking your self.

    5- If you are living far away then give a surprise visit at Night to her by showing your face to her no matter if she can just see you from her balcony at midnight 2am!

  11. What’s the best gift to my girlfriend’s birthday?

    When it comes to gifting to a girlfriend you will come across countless options. It depends on the likes and dislikes of your girlfriend that what gift would be the best. But sometimes you become unsure about what to gift. So here are a few examples that will surely work and let her know how much you love her.

    A beautiful wrist watch: A wrist watch is a gift that no girl can deny. You can gift her a beautiful wrist watch which will always remind her of you whenever she looks into it to see time.

    2. A dress: All women are fond of clothing. They will always want the latest fashion to be in there wardrobe. You can gift her a beautiful dress of her favorite color. And if you are unaware of the color, you can choose from black, white or red as they are evergreen color when it comes to clothing.

    3. A Fragrant Perfume: You can also think about gifting her a pleasant smelling perfume. Note that the cost of the perfume will not matter to her as long as it has a lovely smell. It will always make her feel of you whenever she uses the perfume gifted by you.

    Choose any from the following and accompany them with a delicious cake and teddy bear or beautiful flowers and chocolates. This will surely add way more grace to your gift. This will make her an unforgettable birthday ever.

  12. Wine bottle with lights.

    “Doesn’t it shine the brightest in the darkest of the night? Just like the way I’d be through the darkest of your life.”

    (I know, my handwriting sucks)

    “Beauty is on the inside, they say, you’ve personified it, I concur. This is light is you, brightening my life. Beautiful you are, that none can ever deny, you’re my heart’s elation, my mind’s thoughts and my soul’s partner. Love you with all my heart, promise to stand by your side, all my life.”

    How: Find an empty wine bottle, drill a hole in the bottom and put some accent lights/LED’s in it. Cut a paper into a texture or some pattern and paste it from inside.

    If you’re too lazy to make it you can just order it here: Golden Wine Bottle with Pretty Lights

  13. What should I gift my beautiful girlfriend on her birthday?

    11 Perfect Gifts That Your Girlfriend Actually Want-

    Girlfriends loves gifts. Be it on a normal day or any special occasion, a gift is a must. All girls love those gifts, presented by their boyfriends and those remain special to them always. However, there are certain gifts that they actually want. This article discusses 11 perfect gifts that your girlfriend actually wants, and you must think to gift her in her special days.


    ‘I Love You’ gift set- This gift set is a real symbol of love and by choosing such gift, you can show that your actions speak louder than words. This tasteful gift set will impress your girlfriend. The set includes a gorgeous presentation box along with a declaration of love certificate signed by you. With the incorporation of love poem and a packed-perfumed silk Red Rose Petals, the gift becomes special one and can boast that you are fully in love. It carries a pack of mouth watering heart chocolates. Besides, there is a pendent with a precious stone and 3 scented candles to complete the romantic mood. Surprise your girlfriend with this long cherished perfect gift by ordering Online Delivery in a hassle free manner.

    2) Initial Stack Ring- This gift works as a memento that will be always with your girlfriend and will make her remind about you. There are varieties of stack rings available. For instance, one with her name and title initials or with you and your girl friend’s name initials are fairly popular. Alternatively, it can have both of your names engraved on it. It can be of silver or of gold plated. To make your love more convenient, stick a copper love symbol between your name initial and her in the ring. This will make her believe about your true love.

    3) Romantic Flower Bouquets- Flowers are the best gift in the world. And when it comes to romance, no other flower can beat a bouquet of red roses. A bunch of red roses and a gift card with a message of ‘Love You Forever’ would make any girlfriend’s day. She can’t help but love you more. Stunning Flowers delivery UK is the best way you can make feel special to your girlfriend staying in the UK.

    4) Heart Shaped Cushion- This is a unique and original gift for your girlfriend. A soft red colored heart shaped cushion, which she can cuddle any time and always. What makes it more special is the embroidered message in black on it- ‘I Love You’. This will keep you always close to her heart. It is a very old idea, but the uniqueness that works when it comes to love.

    5) Love stays forever personalized Mug – Everyone tries to make their love strong and forever. One very special gift for your girlfriend is the mugs. And on it, the personalized messages being engraved. Catchy messages like- ‘Love you forever’, ‘This is for my Forever Love’, ‘Miss you’ and many more work like magic. It will become more special if you presto both of your photos together as the background of the message. This gift will help your relationship grow strong and last forever.

    6) Diamond Heart Pendant- A heart shaped jewelry is always close to a girlfriend’s heart is, it is the true symbol of love. Gift your girlfriend on her birthday a diamond heart shaped pendant to make her feel special. You can gift a simple pendant with the stone. Or along with the diamond heart pendant, add initials of your names on both the sides of the pendant. This feels a true bonding between you and your lover.

    7) Large Bouquet of Chocolate – Chocolate is the best and irresistible gift of the whole world. When she is angry or feels upset for any reason and the reason n is you, it’s the best you gift her a large bouquet of chocolate to her. And her mood will become cheerful instant. This gift includes different flavors of chocolate. Send chocolate gifts from the genuine online delivery portal and make your girlfriend feel how much you care for her.

    8) Personalized Love Photo Frame- This gift is special as it reflects the relation. A perfect Love photo frame is a bigger photo frame than the usual single photo frames. There you can frame your & Your girlfriend’s photo with a message – ‘ I Love You‘. Or it can be of single photo frame size. In it you can paste one photo where both you and your girlfriend are there. But the message is a must. This Perfect Love photo frame is available in online portals at a reasonable price.

    9) Personalized Clothes Gift- Personalized clothes are form of a gift that are unique. One can create their own designs; like pictures or messages and get it printed. And then gift this to your beloved girlfriend. If you wish to gift tee shirts, then choose her favorite color as the background of the tee shirt. And then make your own design on it and gift it. One can use white tees to make the designs prominent. In the designs, one can choose personalized love quotes, or a love sign with a special message. You can paste a photograph of both of you to make it more special.

    10) Love Couple Bear- This is a unique gift expressing love. In this gift there will be two bears sitting beside or facing each other, on a red heart shaped cushion. And the message of ‘Love You’ is a must. This gift is available in different teddies- pink teddies, brown teddies. Or it can be one deep brown teddy and another light brown teddies. They pose in such a way that they seem to be kissing each other. Send stuffed animal UK to your beloved girlfriend to convey your feelings, who is residing away from you in the UK.

    11) Beautiful Leather Watch- Leather watches are no doubt a precious and conventional gift. It is a leather watch with your girlfriend’s favorite colored leather strap. This is a memorable gift for her. There are different brands that produce leather watches. Timex, Radley, Bulova and Smart Turnout are among the famous brands. There is another hidden significance of this gift. As watch represents time, gifting your girlfriend a watch means you are gifting her your time. It carries a hidden promise that you will always be with her. Whenever she needs you, you will be there for her.

    So hurry up. Choose any one or more from the above gift list, which remain in the wish list of all girls.

  14. What are some great suggestions to gift my girlfriend for her birthday?

    Suggesting Birthday presents for someone you dont know or have never met is always going to be difficult. I can however suggest an absolutely amazing collection of gift ideas to make it much easier for you to find the right gift for them.

    The Most Gifted Items on Amazon by Category

    Amazon allows you to send any item as a gift and they will even gift wrap your present for you. You can then browse the top 100 most gifted items in any category easily to get gift ideas yourself. This shows you popular items being sent as gifts on their store.

    This list of Most Gifted Items is updated every day so it is an amazing place to discover the latest and greatest Birthday and Christmas gift ideas.

    Delight your friends and family with gift ideas they will love, including gift ideas for mothers, gifts for men, gift ideas for women, gift ideas for girls, and gift ideas for boys.

  15. My girlfriend’s birthday is next week. What are some creative ideas for a birthday gift?

    In my opinion, its how much happy you can make her that day, how many smiles you can give her that day matters more. Be the first one to wish her. If it is feasible, arrange small party at night with her best friend and some other friends. If not, then wish her on phone. Make a video for her by singing and dedicating a song to her. Song which she’ll love. Talk to her on phone. Some other things can be like, if she’s 20 send 20 happy birthday messages, writing her one best quality, or some statement about what she mean to you in each message. Do this after she sleeps, so that she’ll be surprised when she gets up in the morning. Write a poem for her. You can get creative by writing it in such a way that first letter of each line forms her name.

    Next day, Give her your time. Take her out. Buy little gifts for her, or huge, depending on your budget. You can give many small ones, offering each at different times during the time you spent. Give something she’ll like and is also useful so that she is reminded of you every time she uses it. Start with a rose. And rest all, do whatever you can. You can take her to movie, or park or anywhere. Spend quality time. Thats what’s needed. And don’t forget the compliments.

    This is the best I can think to do for my girlfriend’s birthday. But I can just think it. Not apply. So will be glad if this helps you. Try to implement at least a few. Good Luck

    P.S. If you are staying in different places, surprise her by visiting her without prior information. And don’t forget the video.

  16. It might be a birthday, an anniversary, a graduation gift, or a holiday gift or a christmas gift – it will be tough to select in the event that you need to select for a arcade enthusiast and particularly if they’re a girl. Selecting anime presents of a teenaged girl is the toughest thing you’ve had to perform.

    You’ve got to take under account their favorites, which means you have to appreciate their flavor and confidence that you make the right choice. Another factor when picking is that this anime gift of a teenaged woman will be to obtain a certain era. And through your adolescents, there are particular things that you prefer and special things you do not, which usually means you are going to need to return and forth an excellent bargain whilst picking anime gifts of a teenaged girl.

    This is by no way a guide that you rely on. But I am merely giving you thoughts, more like choices it is possible to consider when you need to get anime presents of a teenaged girl.

    What might be better for an anime enthusiast than to have the ability to see more anime? Right? Crunchy roster is a site which lets users see their favorite shows in HD and as soon as you have got the best membership, which costs around $6.95 per month, you are permitted to watch all of your favorite anime series without commercials – an adventure that’s mesmerizing for a arcade enthusiast.

    Another wonderful anime gifts of a teenaged girl may be a DVD set. I understand the period of DVD and discs is gone together with everything being electronic. However, to get a collector adolescent anime woman, the DVD box set might be a substantial item.

    If you comprehend the favorite show of the person you are getting this anime gift for, another superb addition to the record of anime presents of a teenaged girl could be plush toys.

    Exactly the same as plush toys, anime clothing may be another valuable addition to this listing of anime gifts of a teenaged girl as you can not go wrong with this present. Well, unless you get the clothing of a series the individual doesn’t like.

    So about getting an anime loving teenage girl a gift, then an ideal addition to the listing anime presents of a teenaged woman could be anime jewelry.

    Read More About This Here -Present Idea For Anime Lover Teen Women

  17. What is the best gift for a girlfriend on her birthday?

    My idea of the best gift for a girlfriend is something money cannot buy. Well, it may require some money, but the majority of it comes from your thoughts and emotions for her. that right there is the principle rule, the rest depends on her personality.

    If she’s a visual person, I’d make a picture book with several images of you together as well as some of just her. If you’re the crafty type you can make it from scratch otherwise Shutterfly is a great online site for making printed paper products (books, calendars, flyers). Write little notes in the book, add some inserts of things you think she’d like such as stickers, stamps, coupons, etc. Spray some cologne in it the day you give it to her, that’s what I’d do.

    If she’s an auditory learner, write/compose a song for her. Make it special. Did I say this would be a simple gift??! Hahha whoops maybe you should scroll to the next question if it’s too much. But if she’s worth putting the work into, read ho! Yeah make it special, even if it’s a little cheesy. You can record yourself with an instrument if you know how to play any. Some are easy to pick up like harmonica, kazoo, penny whistle. Doesn’t have to be Hans Zimmer, but rather the authentic you. It could be silly or sappy sweet, just nail it! I like to use FL studio to make tunes, but if you don’t have software you can download free ones like Audacity or Garage Band for Mac. Whether it is a recording or a rendered composition, you can convert the file to MP3 so it can be uploaded to her phone via iTunes (drag and drop on a Mac). Take a bow, maestro.

    Those are the main two types, audio and visual. If she’s neither and move of a tactile/other type, just get her something you know she likes, taken to the next level. A nice treat, bottle of wine, perfume, clothing. Tickets to a show, to the zoo, restaurant reservations.

  18. What gift will you give your girlfriend for her birthday?

    Thanks for asking such an interesting question.

    Love, a gift to the human beings and a lovely feeling that emerges in the hearts of two. There is no fixed time or date, it may happen in a second or in a minute or maybe after a few years.

    Once you submerge in it, it’s very difficult for the one to come out of it as heart holds the feelings and emotions you’re creating with your girlfriend.

    Gifts those will astonish your girlfriend and these gifts for girlfriend are amiable –

    A Bouquet of Sweetness – You may have seen a bouquet of various flowers. Now, this is a special bouquet you can consider. A bouquet has chocolates and the chocolates are your wish. Cadbury Dairy Milk, Five Star, Nestle Kit-Kat, Bournville, etc., are the adorable chocolates most of them out to.

    Teddy Bears – Teddy bears will remove the feel of loneliness – believed so. Girls love teddy bears and all the crazy stuff will be done with one single teddy. Some feel the teddy is you and they will just hug it, dance with it, and will beat it up if they are angry with you.

    Build the Shape with Chocolate – What can you build with chocolates? Do you believe that you can build any three-dimensional shape and it’s the style of a surprise that rolled out to increase the mood of your girlfriend in the eye-catching celebrations? A chocolate structure could be an interesting gift for the other surprise gifts for the girlfriend as the chocolate shape itself will mesmerize her.

    Goggles – These are perfect for the eyes and sometimes are better because these will cover the expression of your girlfriend. One of the good birthday gifts for girlfriend, goggles will give a richness look to your girlfriend.

    Balloon Surprise – Imagine a scenario where your girlfriend is sleeping in a room and you opened the door with a love-shaped balloon bang. Now, what would be her feel? She will raise the eyelids saying ‘awe’.

    Finally, don’t forget to take a cake to her and it must be tasty and fresh cake with her favourite flavour. Bookthecake provides best online cake delivery in Hyderabad, with the best taste and on-time delivery too. So, order cakes online in Hyderabad, or send a cake to Hyderabad, online cake delivery in Hyderabad same day, midnight cake delivery in Hyderabad too.

  19. What gift will you give your girlfriend for her birthday?

    Ok here is a short story that lead me to come up with a new gift that I could finally gift her a few days ago 🙂

    It took a while to create it, but it was worth the wait.

    The first time I met my better half was when traveling through Indonesia two years ago.

    She was sitting at the beach, reading a book by herself. She must have been very soaked up by the book, because she didn’t realize someone was pick-pocketing her bag – right behind her!

    As soon as I realized what was happening, I jumped up, ran towards her and shouted, which eventually scared the thief away.

    While all this was happening, she looked at me like I was a nutter.
    Who could blame her, she saw me before she saw that there was another guy running away.

    In her eyes, I was a stranger who ran towards her and yelled loudly.

    Great, I used the first 7 seconds you generally have to make a decent first impression to make her believe I am a crazy person.

    Good job, Gerrit.

    I explained to her what had happened and we ended up talking. During the conversation, I noticed something weird. She used all those strange words.

    Mesmerizing, Anubis, sentry,…

    And then it came to my mind.
    I knew where I had heard those words before.
    In a book called Artemis Fowl.
    Out of the blue, I said

    “that thief earlier must be a friend of Mulch Diggums”

    (who is a character from the book).

    She stopped talking and started laughing so hard, asking if I said this because I saw which book she was reading. I told her that I hadn’t seen which book she was reading, but that I figured it out based on the words she used when talking. She laughed even harder and said “Oh my god, I must come across as such a nerd”.

    In my head, I thought “No, you just come across as the cutest girl I’ve ever met”

    She demanded to take a selfie with me and the book, because she wanted to send it to her mom who had bought her the book years ago. Along with a voicemail of what had happened.

    Fast forward, about one year later – her birthday was coming up and I needed a gift. You see, our first meeting has been such a strange but fun encounter. This memory and the love for the whole situation has always defined us.

    It was the moment when I first had the idea to gift her a locket with this photo inside.

    But I didn’t want to gift her one of the old-fashioned lockets. I wanted something new and modern, something magic (partly because Artemis Fowl is a fantasy book).

    And then I had it. The idea.

    About another year later, a few weeks ago.
    With my friend, I finished creating the magic locket.
    Oh, and how magic it is 🙂

    I contacted her mother, got her to forward me the selfie at the beach from two years ago, immortalized this photo inside the gemstone of a necklace and gifted it to her.

    Now here is the magical part – when my girlfriend holds her phone close to the necklace, the photo – and with it the memory of our first encounter – pops up on her phone screen!

    I can’t put her reaction into words and neither do I want to try and describe it. It’s another special moment for us.

    So here it is, I gifted her the perfect necklace for couples (or best girlfriends or mothers or whoever) 🙂

    If you want to check out what I created, you can find those magical necklaces at

  20. Mansi Singh
    Mansi Singh, Freelancer (2013-present)
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    Good Birthday Gifts For A Girlfriend

    Some relationships are worth treasuring as they are quite close to the heart. Make your girlfriend’s birthday special with exciting range of gifts including lip-smacking cakes, chocolate bouquets, and jewellery. These lovely presents will definitely win her heart and put a big smile on her face and Spoil her heart like you’ve never spoiled her before with a gorgeous Birthday gifts for girlfriends!

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    Birthday Roses with Assorted Chocolates and Teddy Bear Only For You

    I Love my Wiffy

    Lovely Love Hamper

    Love Photo Frame Lamp

    Celebrating Love

    Beauty-Beast Mug

    Stylish Gucci watch

    A Golden Surprise

  21. What gift will you give your girlfriend for her birthday?

    The idea is to be different, classy and you will be as most of the people would be going out only to buy and yours would be a complete different item. You can now try shopping online they have great options of gifts for women. The platform is just about appropriate for people who have trouble, in shopping and travelling given their tight work schedule or who have issues with the distance and not being able to reach the place of party due to not being in the same town. When you buy online gifts for girlfriend or gifts for women you will see a wide range and some good discounts.

    With just clicks you can compare and make the purchase all packed and dutifully delivered at your or their doorstep. When you buy online gifts for girlfriend keep in mind her taste and preference even though the items are easily exchanged. Give it your best go and start working and planning already because online delivery may take time.

    Keep it interesting, pull some surprises and make the dream come true. In the end it is all going to be worth all the efforts and planning. The spirits behind the deed should be pure, rest everything is settled. So plan ahead and keep it all charged up, do something you never have done before for them. Also, pre book your gifts because last minute is too unreliable and your feelings are much more than that.

  22. What are the best impressive birthday gifts for girlfriend?

    Girlfriend or any human being will easily forget a tangible gift within days or months, so it’s better if you give some lifetime memories as a gift.

    Some example:
    1- Request a local Radio station at some specific time when you are together and RJ will prompt both of your names about the favorite song and play her favorite song.

    2- Watch yourself and your Girl Friend on any Music Channels of TV!

    You can search that which Music channels show the Couple’s name at the bottom line of song while its playing. It shows on TV channels as this Song is requested for “Girl” by “Boy”. You can also leave a specific message for your GF such as I love you etc…

    3- You can see some news papers will publish the Pics based on the Pics you sent them. If you have gone somewhere for outing or in some Garden whichever you have a best pic which she likes very much, you can request the news paper publication to publish it for you. And they will also notify you the date of your pic publish.. so on that day you can show her that she got Famous! 🙂

    4- Cook something for her which she likes based on her taste if you know!

    Whatever the taste it would be, if you just cook it then there is noting more important to show your love by cooking your self.

    5- If you are living far away then give a surprise visit at Night to her by showing your face to her no matter if she can just see you from her balcony at midnight 2am!

  23. Anil Raj
    Anil Raj
    Updated Dec 28

    Love, a gift to the human beings and a lovely feeling that emerges in the hearts of two. There is no fixed time or date, it may happen in a second or in a minute or maybe after a few years.

    Once you submerge in it, it’s very difficult for the one to come out of it as heart holds the feelings and emotions you’re creating with your girlfriend.

    Gifts those will astonish your girlfriend and these gifts for girlfriend are amiable –

    A Bouquet of Sweetness – You may have seen a bouquet of various flowers. Now, this is a special bouquet you can consider. A bouquet has chocolates and the chocolates are your wish. Cadbury Dairy Milk, Five Star, Nestle Kit-Kat, Bournville, etc., are the adorable chocolates most of them out to.

    Teddy Bears – Teddy bears will remove the feel of loneliness – believed so. Girls love teddy bears and all the crazy stuff will be done with one single teddy. Some feel the teddy is you and they will just hug it, dance with it, and will beat it up if they are angry with you.

    Build the Shape with Chocolate – What can you build with chocolates? Do you believe that you can build any three-dimensional shape and it’s the style of a surprise that rolled out to increase the mood of your girlfriend in the eye-catching celebrations? A chocolate structure could be an interesting gift for the other surprise gifts for a girlfriend as the chocolate shape itself will mesmerize her.

    Goggles – These are perfect for the eyes and sometimes are better because these will cover the expression of your girlfriend. One of the good birthday gifts for girlfriend, goggles will give a richness look to your girlfriend.

    Balloon Surprise – Imagine a scenario where your girlfriend is sleeping in a room and you opened the door with a love-shaped balloon bang. Now, what would be her feel? She will raise the eyelids saying ‘awe’.

  24. Md Abid Hussain
    Md Abid Hussain, S.E.O and Free Lance Writer at Occasional Flowers and Gifts Pvt. Ltd. (2016-present)
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  25. Vijayadurga D
    Vijayadurga D, from G. Narayanamma Institute of Technology and Sciences (2019)
    Answered Nov 15


    Here are some ideas to surprise your girlfriend

    A USB Mix tape expressing your love towards her

    You can give a box filled with gifts with helium balloons in it. When she opens the box she’ll be surprised seeing balloons

    You can plan simple gifts like

    An Photo Box

    A Box filled with Handmade gifts

    You can plan a surprise by sending cake and flowers. You can order cake at Cake Online Kolkata |Order Birthday Anniversary

  26. What is the best birthday gift for someone’s girlfriend?

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    Some Lovely Gifts That You Can Present To Her!

    Special Spa Hamper

    Celebrating Love

    Beauty Hamper For Her

    Basket of Cookies and Chocolates

    An Enternal Delight

    Wonderful Basket Of Lotus Goodies

  27. What gift will you give your girlfriend for her birthday?

    Prosecco Rose Candle

    You can never go wrong with a candle. This one is made with brut rose Champagne poured over cassis berries and white rose petals. The pink jar will look gorgeous on any countertop.

    Full-Body Mermaid Tail Blanket

    Is she a cute & playful one like Disney’s Princess Ariel? Then, this full-body mermaid tail blanket might be of her taste. This extra-long mermaid flannel blanket has a very life-like design thanks to the sequin details all over the tail and halter top that create the scales.


    Chocolate is the gift that keeps on giving, TBH. For the chocoholic girlfriend, give her this 24-piece truffle box from Godiva. Some standout flavors include Hazelnut Crunch, Salted Caramel, Crème Brulee Truffle, and Strawberry Crème Tarte Truffle.

    Gilded Monogram DOF Glass

    Up her highball game with a pair of these perfectly weighted whisky glasses. A gilded gold rim and initial make this personalized gift all the more special, so your girlfriend will think of you every time she takes a sip.

  28. Henrik Solheim
    Henrik Solheim, dentist in Oslo, loves smiling
    Answered Nov 22, 2017

    Your girlfriend is probably pretty, and what does a pretty girl like a lot? Correct, she likes her beauty, likes looking at herself in the mirror. Not that she’s shallow or anything, she just appreciates what she has 🙂

    So why not give her a gift that will show how pretty she is? I’m talking about giving her a photo collage of her own photos. You can collect all the photos you have of her and grab her Instagram account as well, and then send them to CollageBerry. Guys there will make a cool mosaic photo collage and send it to you printed on canvas.

    Save yourself from spending time to get her a gift she might not even like. Make sure you tell her you got that gift to let her know how much you love her and how pretty she is. What kind of girl wouldn’t like it?

    (An option for those who like doing things themselves, make a collage using software and print it yourself)

  29. Cruz Mahmoud
    Cruz Mahmoud, studied at Palo Alto High School (2008)
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    It could be a birthday, an anniversary, a graduation gift, or a holiday gift – it will be hard to choose if you have to choose for an anime lover and especially if they are a girl. Choosing anime gifts of a teenage girl is the hardest thing you have had to do.

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    Another factor while choosing would be that this anime gift of a teenage girl is going to be for a certain age. And during your teens, there are certain things you like and certain things you don’t, So you will have to go back and forth a lot while choosing anime gifts of a teenage girl.

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  30. What surprising gift should I give to my girlfriend on her birthday?

    We are always live happy and loving life with our girlfriend day after day, week after week and year after year. So for happy and loving life first we understand each other and live with best memory.

    Here are 3 awesome ideas for the Parents, Sister and for mother and for woman in your life or, a man in your life, no matter what the occasion is. These awe-inspiring 3D Crystal gift ideas present your valuable efforts showing your love towards them. Let’s begin with this gift ideas.

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  31. What gift will you give your girlfriend for her birthday?

    For girlfriend birthday I brought her a red midi skirt.

    I gift wrapped her dress went to her house. She stays alone. Her parents live separately.

    When she opned the door. She grapped my shirt pulled me inside the door. Wrapped her arns around me pulled me close towards her kissed me passionately. I also wrapped my hands around her pulled her closer to me and kissed her back.

    I carried her to the bedroom i entered into her. Fucked her nice and hard.

    Our moviemaking went on and on. I ejculated inside of her.

    After the act we were lying down naked in each other arms.

    I kissed her deeply. She also kissed me back. I whispered happy birthday my love.

    She asked me what gift I got for her. In all the excitement I had dropped her gift in the living room.

    We both went down naked holding each other hands tightly.

    I gave her gift. She kissed me passionately. I hugged me. Kissed her back. Carried her and her gift back to her room. Where we made love again.

    I ejculated in her mouth. I asked her to open the gift. When she opned the gift she liked the dress.

    A mischief in her eyes where there. She went to her closet got out a simlar skirt she asked meto wear that skirt. I was taken back. She inisted i put on her skirt which she gave me. She also wore the skirt which I have here we looked in the mirror. We both looked like tiwns wearing the sane color skirt.

    She told me that I should keep this skirt with me. This is a return gift from me to you. I waa so much in love with her. I took her in my arms kissed her deeply. She put her arms around my neck I carried her to back to bed we made love again i ejaculated inside of her.

    After the act I told her I cannot live alone anymore without her. I took out a another suprise for her from my pants pocket.

    It was a dimond engagement ring. I put in her finger. She was speechless. She kissed me hard. She told me to take her to her futute home. I was madly in love with her. Kissed her passionately made love again ejaculated inside of her.

    Don’t know when we both slept naked. Next day when I got up the sun was shining. She was looking at smiling. She waa like an angel in human disguise.

    I kissed her deeply she also kissed him back made love again. Spoke to her parent’s on the phone. They agreed. They just wanted her to be happy took her to my church married her.

    Now she is my wife and a mother of 6 year old daughter and 5 year old son.

    This is my true love story. All these things really happed to me.

  32. A girlfriend might become temporary if not surprised with amazing gifts.

    Women like being pampered with gifts that are unique. Do not get her gifts that most women would have. Who said giving love to your girlfriend would sustain her in a relationship? Buddy, You gotta go for that extra bit to keep her !

    Understand what your girlfriend really likes and gift her some customized products that would perfectly go handy with her personality.

    Here are a few suggestions that would make a great birthday present:

    1.A laptop tote bag- which is exquisitely hand- painted by one of the best artisans. This will surely make a great impression. Doodle Jungle Laptop Tote in Royal Blue – 13 inch

    2. A passport holder- that would constantly remind her of your love when she travels.Cedar Passport Sleeve – Black

    Gift some love with these handcrafted and customized products.

  33. I think girls love varieties in their gifts .
    BOOKS- If she is a bibliophile then definitely gift her a classic. She will love it. Else any romance novel would suffice.
    SELF MADE things- No big card can match the happiness that simple sweet things written by you about your relationship and her would do.
    LUNCH/Dinner- Take her to a calm and serene place for a date. So that you guys enjoy each others company without disturbance by crowd.
    Footwear- Girls just love footwear, get her one according to her taste.
    And last but not the least go down on your knees and confess your love again. She will love it.

  34. Quora User
    Answered Jun 15, 2018

    I gave her a diary.

    It was her bday. We usually walk back from our office(works in same office, sorry, worked) to our respective pgs which is near to each other. I was carrying her bag and she was on call with her mom and walking a few meters away from me and it was a right time for me to drop a pen and a diary in her bag. Then we reached our pgs, got freshen up and went out for dinner. Once she is back to her room, she opened the bag, found the diary and the pen and she clearly knows that it was me when put that in her bag. Next minute, she called me puzzled to check why the diary was empty(Yes, the diary had blank white pages). Then she felt happy for the gift and the day ended.

    It looks exactly the same.

    After two weeks, one morning around 6, she called me, all crying and sobbing. I was totally confused and tried to console her. She was extremely crying.

    And when i asked for the reason, she started crying more. After few minutes, she just told a word “Diary” and again started crying. I got to know the reason. Then i asked her, why it took two weeks for that?

    Hope you remember, i gave her a diary and a pen. The pen is not a normal pen. It is a invisible pen which had a UV light on the cap. What ever you write with it can be seen only through that UV light.

    The diary was not empty, i wrote all our best memories in it using that pen. “Complete 2 years in 200 pages”

    Our best memories, first kiss, walking in rain, every single thing that we cherished. THE BEST.

    She read the complete diary using that UV light the whole night which took two weeks to realise for my dumbo.

    She deserves even more.

  35. What gifts should I present to my GirlFriend on her birthday?

    Instead of gifts you can make memories with her. First do a research over your beloved, what she loves to do and what she needs. After knowing her needs, try to arrange an outing where you both can have your interested activities along with privacy. And for gift, make something like collage card…like this one

    1st cover

    and 2nd fold should contain a message that binds your relationship… and in third fold can contain collage…

    Give her warmth and love… That will stick to her heart always 🙂


  36. I gave her a diary.

    It was her bday. We usually walk back from our office(works in same office, sorry, worked) to our respective pgs which is near to each other. I was carrying her bag and she was on call with her mom and walking a few meters away from me and it was a right time for me to drop a pen and a diary in her bag. Then we reached our pgs, got freshen up and went out for dinner. Once she is back to her room, she opened the bag, found the diary and the pen and she clearly knows that it was me when put that in her bag. Next minute, she called me puzzled to check why the diary was empty(Yes, the diary had blank white pages). Then she felt happy for the gift and the day ended.

    It looks exactly the same.

    After two weeks, one morning around 6, she called me, all crying and sobbing. I was totally confused and tried to console her. She was extremely crying.

    And when i asked for the reason, she started crying more. After few minutes, she just told a word “Diary” and again started crying. I got to know the reason. Then i asked her, why it took two weeks for that?

    Hope you remember, i gave her a diary and a pen. The pen is not a normal pen. It is a invisible pen which had a UV light on the cap. What ever you write with it can be seen only through that UV light.

    The diary was not empty, i wrote all our best memories in it using that pen. “Complete 2 years in 200 pages”

    Our best memories, first kiss, walking in rain, every single thing that we cherished. THE BEST.

    She read the complete diary using that UV light the whole night which took two weeks to realise for my dumbo.

    She deserves even more.

  37. Birthday of a girlfriend should definitely be unique with a really unique gift. Consider the following things to make her day really special:

    You can learn a favorite dish that she likes and make it yourself for her.
    A handmade card with a cute message saying that how much special she is to you!
    Something that she wanted to have from always.
    Something that she really loves a lot and is a crazy fan of. So a gift that is related to her this love.
    A unique gift like a beautifully colored Jewellery Box or a Watch Case to help her organize her things.
    Arrange a surprise party for her and invite all her old and current friends without telling her. Give her a big blast surprise.
    Spend the whole day with her. Give her time and go on a romantic date. Book a table in a luxury hotel, arrange a cake there and celebrate her birthday. Take her on a long ride on bike/ in car or a long walk also would be fun. Treat her like princess.
    If you can’t think of anything that she wants or you should give to her or you can’t give any of the above, then ask her. She might tell you something that she badly wants and she is passionate about.

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  38. Let’s just start off by saying that anything you can give to a boy, you can give to a girl, too. However, when it comes to women-targeted tech, slather a pink coating on a cellphone or other electronics and you could supposedly transform it into a must-have for female gadget shoppers. Following this train of logic, a line of pink-encrusted electronics has sashayed into stores, crafted under the erroneous assumption that women can’t resist ultra-girly merchandise.

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    Divoom Tivoo Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker

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    This one just offers basic functionality but melts people’s heart with it cute look.

    Xiaomi Mijia Desk Lamp

    The lamp has a very minimalistic design. You get a super thin stand and a thin tube, so it should be easy to place it anywhere you want without taking a lot of space.

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    All these features are housed in a simple, elegant, and beautiful metal casing that is extremely durable and designed to precision.

    Razer Kraken Pro V2

    The renowned hardware maker Razer has added an all-pink color option to its portfolio. Although they look playful, the peripherals from the Quartz Edition are among company’s bestsellers and they are meant for serious gamers.

    As for the Kraken V2, judging from its appearance, the pink and grey work really well together and even though it’s mostly a paint job, it’s a paint job done well. The cute kitty ears need to be purchased separately from the headset since they are basically an optional add-on. And they are adjustable to fit various sizes and is waterproof.

    It also features a comfortable headband with thick padding that makes it suitable for long gaming sessions. The aluminum frame adds to its durability as well. What’s more, it is equipped with larger and more powerful 50mm drivers, delivering richer sounds that is ideally balanced between in-game audio and team communications.

    If you want to buy the high-end stuff for her and you want it a little different, then Kraken shines in this regard.

    Varmilo Sakura VA108

    Varmilo is one of the most creative companies in the keyboard business. Their models are some of the most distinctive and eye-catching you’ll find, often featuring high-end custom keycap sets with an artistic bent.

    The Sakura Edition keyboards are special edition keyboards made by Varmilo based on the Sakura Plant in Japan. The keyboards come with a pink case, a special edition space-bar and PBT white and pink keycaps.

    This keyboard is equipped with CHERRY MX Red switches, which are linear-style switches; their travel path doesn’t have the bump used to provide tactile feedback. The smoother movement makes these switches quieter than tactile and click switches.

    If you want load up one tech gift for your favorite geeky gal, this is a keyboard you won’t want to miss.

    Hope this helps!

  39. What are the best impressive birthday gifts for girlfriend?

    Shopping For The Perfect Gift For Your Girlfriend? Well, We Have A Lot Of Gift Ideas For Her That’s She’s Sure To Love, So Get Her Something She’ll Love.

    Beaded Natural Lava Stone-seven Chakra Beads Bracelet For Women And Girlfriend

    Girlfriend Gifts-i Love You-girlfriend Gift Ideas-girlfriend Christmas Gifts-gifts Girlfriend-love My Husband Gifts-new Love Gifts-gifts That Say I Love You-valentines Love Gifts-gifts For Boyfriend-i Love You Heart

    I Love You-girlfriend Gifts-girlfriend Gift Ideas-girlfriend Christmas Gifts-gifts Girlfriend-love My Husband Gifts-new Love Gifts-gifts That Say I Love You-valentines Love Gifts-gifts For Boyfriend

    15oz Coffee Mug – Funny Chemical Engineering Gifts – Chemical Engineer Mug – This Chemical Engineer Has A Smokin Hot And

  40. Hey!

    Here are some ideas from my own experience:

    1. Paths paved with roses (rose bouquets are very romantic but not very original whereas sprinkling unexpected spots that the girl may walk through with rose petals is something unexpected) You may read a more detailed description here, but you will have to modify it a bit because you two don’t live together:…

    2. A list of reasons why you love her or why she is so special (I gave it my future husband twice: The first time I listed 38 reasons why I liked him before I was even in love with him; the second time I listed 101 reasons why I loved him, after we were a couple of years together.) Put absolutely EVERYTHING on the list, especially things that you do together, e.g. the fact that she laughs at your jokes or watches you when you jog/play computer etc. The more, the better – if you come up with at least several dozen, not all have to be super romantic. You may write them down on a parchment or buy a big Merci box and write each on on a Merci choclate bar (the lettering will have to be very small though). [I am going to write about this one in a week, so stay tuned to

    3. A video clip – if you can sing, compose a song for her. If you can’t – don’t worry; there is nothing wrong with a playback and you dancing or doing funny things for her with the music in the background. Just remember to pick a song she really likes.… You may also just upload your joint photos and make a slide show out of them with the song in the background.

  41. Best gifts for a girl are personalized gifts.
    List down the top 5 things/people/places she loves and try to base the presents on those things.
    Otherwise buying the same number of gifts as her age is also a good idea.
    Gifts could include make up,cute stationery,clothes,accessories,bags,purses,sunglasses,heels,flowers,chocolates et al.
    Personally i would advise to gift her an ‘experience’ rather than just a gift!

  42. Rahul Goud
    Rahul Goud, Team Lead at (2017-present)
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    There are many special options to celebrate valentines day in Bangalore:

    Book the candlelight dinner in a restaurant through evibe. in:

    Here are the package details:

    Moonlight Valentines Dinner In Private Cabana:

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    Poolside candlelight dinner experience at Koramangala:

    Book the decoration for home on valentines day:

    Deliver gifts or cakes to your special one all over Bangalore:

  43. What would be a nice birthday gift for your girlfriend?

    Hi there,

    Well, birthday gifts are something that will fade out some day. I would recomment to surprise her, soend time together, those lobely moments will cherish you both for a life time. Here are few surprises that would definitley delight her.

    As her birthday celebrations starts a midnight 12′o clock, you can surprising her from midnight. You can surprise her by sending a gaint teddy along with Rose bouquet and cake along with placards for customized messages you wanted to convey her on her birthday.
    In the morning surpise her with balloons all over. As everybody loves balloons irrespective of age she will be amazed. Decorate her room with balloons with beautiful photos hung to the streamers.
    Surprise her with yummy cupcakes along with romantic messages on it as little things matter the most.
    If she likes the adventure, you can surprise her with parasailing and exclusive micro flight experiecne that your girl friend will never likely to forget.
    If you want to gift her in a unique way then gift her a caricature art which defines your relation.
    Finally, you cn end heer birthday with the most romantic candle light dinner near poolside under the stars that would be the mostt lovely surprise for her.

    Well, these are only few surprises, there are many surprises you can do for your sweetheart. We at Best Kids Birthday Planners, Party Organisers, Venues | provide lovely surrises from cupcakes to parasailing to romantic candlelight dinners.

    Follow the link to find all the lovely surprises that would definitely delight your girlfriend: Best romantic candle light dinner at restaurants, resorts for couple, special experiences in Bangalore |

  44. What is the best birthday gift for a girl friend?

    Materialistic gifts can make her happy just for the time being. If you want her to remember your gift forever, personalized gifts and gift-as-in-experience will be the best. For personalized gifts, you can refer my answer to Good gifts for a girlfriend. And here, i’ll deal with the other.
    Gift-as-in-experience, is just a fancy name I gave to a kind of gift we give that involves new experience to the receiver. Your girlfriend should surely have a list of things she wishes to do or places to visit. You can fulfill one of those and present her as a gift on her birthday. And don’t just get it for her, you should as well, be a part of her experience. For instance, if she’s an adventurous person, but have not yet tried rafting or rock climbing, then get tickets for the two of you and set for this adventure. Or just surprise her with this trip on her birthday.
    Know your girl and her preferences before you present anything. If she’s more into books and art, take her to a theater drama by her favorite artists or arrange a meeting with her favorite author. If she loves painting/sketching, arrange for a place where she can bring down the breathtaking scenery to the paper with her hands. If she’s a music lover, bring tickets for the upcoming concert of her favorite singer/band and enjoy it together.
    I am sure, she would definitely love it! Best of luck and thank me later 😉
    1k views · View Upvoters

  45. That entirely depends on what your budget is. It can vary from a pretty dress and matching accessories followed by a nice dinner at a lovely restaurant. Nothing pleases a girl more than this :

    If this is not possible for whatever reasons, I have few more ideas too, click below

    Araditha Krishnakumar’s answer to What are some safe gift ideas for her other than a perfume?

    Thank you for A2A Prashanth Pamidipati

    Do, let me know what you chose, Good Luck!

  46. What are the best impressive birthday gifts for girlfriend?

    Searching for the perfect bestie gift items? Shop at YesEcart to find unique and bestie giftr elated items directly from our online store. Bestie Gift items :




  47. What is the best gift for my girlfriend on her birthday?
    A best gift (romantic) which can be given to your girlfriend is a gift with feelings. Here, I am suggesting you a gift which has some feelings and a gift she will never forget.

    A CHOCOLATE BOUQUET with a card and a memento

    It contains as much a number of chocolates as her age is going to be on her birthday and you can stick some messages, promises, love quotes or wishes on chocolates. Suppose it’s her 20th birthday buy 20 chocolates paste a note on each chocolate and stick these chocolates in a bouquet made up of fresh roses(preferably red or white). This gift is a memorable gift as she always remembers she got a chocolate bouquet on her 20th birthday which contains 20 chocolates and 20 wishes from her boyfriend. With this bouquet you can also give a birthday card and a memento.

    Though I haven’t pasted any notes on chocolates but I personally think it would have been better.

  48. What are good birthday gifts for a girlfriend?

    Aroma candles

    A nice candle with a pleasant smell is a great Christmas gift idea. It warms up the atmosphere, provides the feeling of relaxation and also brings out a delightful fragrance. Furthermore, for about $20, you can get personalized candle with your girlfriend’s initials, or a personalized message on it.

    Moreover, some luxurious candles can burn for many many hours, and your girlfriend can enjoy your gift maybe even the whole year. Besides, it is a timeless gift option; candles never go bad.

    2. Plant in a pot

    A lining plant is a very beautiful gift. There are many reasons why you may want to consider giving your girlfriend a living plant in a pot for this holiday.

    First of all, plants are decorative. They are good for your girlfriend’s health, because they improve the air quality. If she will take care and nurture a plant, it will live live with her and remind of you for a very long time.

    However, you have to be careful choosing this gift. Plants may become a liability for some people, you should consider your girlfriend’s schedule and character as well. Low-maintenance plants, like a cactus, christmas fern, or an orchid – are the best plants for gifts in pots.

    3. Elegant journal/notebook

    A beautiful journal or elegant notebook is a great gift idea. Whether your girlfriend likes bullet journaling, art journaling, or travel journaling, these gifts will be with her all year long.

    Especially, if you noticed that your girlfriend likes to record her goals, or write down ideas, a personal journal would be a wonderful gift for her.

  49. What should be the best gift for girlfriend on her birthday?
    When it comes to accessories, i know my girlfriend would recognize if i buy anything from the streets. Girls loves flowers, sweets and jewelry. Now, you would know better which specific one she loves most. The best place to go to is High Street Phoenix in Lower Parel. It is among the malls in Mumbai which host a number of high end bands. It is my saviour in case I am in a fix.

  50. If she is an active type who loves to work out, below are the three suggestions I have for you.

    Healthy Cookbooks. Women who work out have to eat, too! Why not treat the athlete in your life to a cookbook featuring healthy, low calorie or vegetarian foods? Whether your recipient is a home chef or is just learning the ropes, she’s sure to enjoy the recipes in a healthy cookbook. Sometimes cookbooks are a great way to learn about new foods to try, too!

    As a bonus gift, you could present her new cookbook alongside a dinner that you’ve prepared her. Who knows, maybe your gift could turn into an activity you both enjoy doing together.

    Outdoor Gear. If you’re shopping for a hiker, camper, fishing guru or any other woman who hangs out outdoors, you’ve got plenty of options. First, think about what she likes to do. If she’s a camper, invest in a good tactical flashlight to keep her nights bright. Shopping for a hiking enthusiast? Try a little multi-purpose pouch to keep her belongings safe.

    Of course, you could also go all out and invest in a new hiking pack, multi person tent or even a new tackle box. As always, consider the things she likes to do, then shop to suit her preferences.

    Compression Socks. Compression socks and stockings could technically be considered clothing. However, they’re much easier to size and buy for someone else than some other clothes. In fact, there are some compression socks that are “one size fits all” adults, taking the guesswork out of your gift buying experience.

    Compression socks are great for improving your recipient’s circulation, reducing muscle soreness and even boosting athletic performance. Plus, they’ll keep her warm in the cooler months while she plays outside.

  51. Do you want to go traditional or do you want to surprise her?

    Does she like something original or she’s the classic one who is expecting something and you better give it to her… as she made it extremely clear that is what she wanted :D:D:D

    Is she the romantic type who would die for a dinner in a nice restaurant with an Italian mandolino player singing a “serenata” or is she the pragmatic one who is into her own career and would be very happy with a new laptop bag?

    In the end, the only person who can and should answer these questions is you. You should know what your girlfriend wants and what she would be happy with.

    There’s no gift that fits all and definitely do not follow the movies just because you are out of idea.

    Having said that, I can tell you what I found ideal for my girlfriend. And if your girlfriend is also passionate about technology and she likes to take very good care of her skin, then you might find these suggestions useful!

    OLLOCLIP – 4-IN-ONE SMARTPHONE LENSES: A clip on lens will ensure that selfies that you guys take are of the best quality!!!
    HP – SPROCKET PHOTO PRINTER: Print pictures while you are on a date instantly?! Not a bad idea to keep a nice memory of your unforgettable moments together!
    INNISFREE – IT’S REAL SQUEEZE MASK: Just imagine after a long day at work, she’s coming back home and she will find this relaxing mask! Pair it with a couple of candles and a hot bath and she will be forever grateful!

    Those asides, I feel that you spending time with her would be the best gift that she can ever ask for!

  52. Who doesn’t love receiving gifts? Every women loves to be pampered. Choosing a gift for your girlfriend can be tricky. Always choose a gift according to her interest. Take clues from what she speaks. If she has ever mentioned that she had liked a particular item somewhere, try to surprise her by gifting it to her before she buys it.

    There are many other options available for gifting. You can gift her a nice Handbag. Handbags are always a useful gift. Go for a good Cosmetic Combo like Kajal, Eye liner lipsticks, foundation etc. I’m sure she’s gonna love it. Another very good idea is to give her a combo of Body cream, Lotion, Body wash, Body mist etc. There are many natural brands available which she would love. And the list goes on and on.

    One gift that every girl would love are Jewellery. This gift can never go wrong because girls love to dress and accessories are an important part of it.

    With all the wedding seasons coming up the sale of Artificial Jewellery Online has increased. Ethnic jewellery looks extremely elegant and classy for an Indian functions. You can gift her a good set of Oxidized jewellery.

    My personal favourite gift was a set of Ethnic Necklace that my boyfriend gifted on my birthday from a site named Ozanoo. I loved it and also got many compliments whenever I wore it for a function. Later I also ordered many earrings and necklaces for my sister and friends. Here are few pics of my personal favourite jewellery from their collection.

  53. What is the best gift I can give a girlfriend for her birthday?

    For the sake of my answer, I’m assuming this is a serious girlfriend. Here are a few “great gift” categories:

    Something they’ve mentioned in the past. (Always good to get in the habit of making mental notes about this – for anyone you love! It’s thoughtful:) Something they mention from time to time they’d LOVE to have/do (a concert, a restaurant) or something special from their past (a treasured book, etc.)
    A trip. This is a grand gesture but I’ve pulled it off a few times for less $$ than you might think! It’s very important to plan ahead of time, while ensuring they keep the dates open (can be tricky, but doable!) If flights are a problem, a nice BnB (or home rental app) within driving distance in a cool town is always a great option.
    Something handmade/sentimental. It will never get old to write a series of “why I love you” notes, etc. Cooking a surprise romantic dinner with candles is a classic. I think what people want on their birthday is not that you’ve spent a bunch of money or gotten “the right” present – unless they’re a certain type of person, in which case maybe you should reconsider the relationship! – but that they are special enough for you to put in effort to make them feel special.

    Good luck! You’re a good partner to care enough to seek advice to make your girlfriend feel special 🙂

  54. Birthdays are special and to make it all the more memorable present your girlfriend with a surprising gift. Some beautiful customized gift ideas are :

    Picture of Pictures: Express your love by gifting your loved one an epic picture! This is not just “a” picture, this picture of made out of several smaller, hundreds of pictures! From a distance, the big picture looks great, and up close you can spend hours looking at the smaller enjoyable pictures. A great designer gift. You can easily get it made with CherishX .

    2. Cuddly cute Friend: Teddy bears? old yet always perfect to gift because who doesn’t need a big cute friend to cuddle on lonely nights? Yes, this stuff toy is stuffed with all the love & cuteness in the world. Gift this to someone you care a lot about. so that they never feel alone and always remember you!

    3. Explosion Box : Get this small box that opens up to up to 25 pictures and lots of messages. All these pictures are creatively put in beautiful paper crafts. The colors and themes of the box can vary.

    4. Tea Lovers Crate : Tea is a special part of most people’s life. The bed tea, the sad tea, the happy tea, the tea with guests, the evening tea, the no occasion tea, the headache-curing tea. If you love tea as much or know a tea lover nothing could be perfect then this special tea crate for them.

    5. Beauty obsessed: A small token of love for your favorite woman in the world. Gift this nail kit to your mother, best friend, sister, girlfriend or someone who really needs to take care of their nails. A complete kit for pretty nails packed in a beautiful jar with cute message note with it.

    CherishX has a lot of options available. The website and app have an amazing list of experiences like Candlelight Dinners, Resorts, Private Experiences, Home Surprises, Adventurous Activities which couples can do together and more! It’s the easiest way to plan a romantic date and enjoy one!!

  55. Thanks for asking this question.

    Well, first of all, you know your girlfriend much better than any other person. You know her taste, mood, or behavior so, I think you can find out the right gift for us. Here, we Quorans can only give you suggestions as per our taste. So, better is gift her anything which makes her happy. It can be anything like a bouquet, a midnight surprised cake, even a small treat in a cafe or wherever you like.

    Other things that you can gift her:

    If she loves to pet, then you can gift her a kitten or puppy
    Cake and flower bouquet
    Handwritten notes on a card
    A beautiful collection of interesting books (If she likes reading)
    A box full of her favorite chocolates
    A long romantic bike ride
    A designer sling bag or purse (Most of the time girls carry a bag or purse with them.)

    There is an abundance of gifts for girls but it depends on what she’s like.

    I hope it will help you.

    As we all know, no celebration is complete without a cake. So, if you need a birthday cake for your girlfriend, then YummyCake is the best option.

  56. What kind of gift can I buy for my girlfriend for her birthday?

    Answering this question is kind of hard because of lack of detail. However, I’ll try my best to answer it!

    Deciding on what gifts to buy for a girlfriend can be tough, especially when you are guy! But there are a few easy tips on how you can decide without letting her know.

    I’m assuming she’s between the ages 16–20, is very active on the social media, especially Snapchat and Instagram. Look for what’s currently on these platforms. If she’s obsessed with makeup, buy her something from that niche. You don’t necessarily have to buy makeup, you can buy her makeup brushes. Mermaid rainbow makeup brushes are extremely popular among beauty bloggers on Instagram.

    Watches by Daniel Wellington are trending hot right now. The Kardashian/Jenner family even put an ad on their Instagram wearing them.

    If she’s over 20 and really not into makeup, and you don’t know what she’s into, buy her some personalized jewelry.

    Personalized necklace with her name on it would be a great gift too. They look something like this:

    A lot of websites do provide custom jewelry services and it shouldn’t be hard to find one that’ll deliver the necklace to you before her birthday. Just Google!

    I wish I could suggest more than just this but I don’t think I can because of lack of detail. Good luck on your quest and happy birthday to your girlfriend!

  57. What gift should I give to my girlfriend on her birthday?

    It depends on many things that you haven’t offered in your question.

    I would want to know how old she is, how long you have been with each other, how much do you like her.

    Those things are really relevant. If you haven’t known her for a long time you don’t want to get her something super serious. If you have known her a long time it might be time to step it up. If she is a young person she would want one kind of gift, tickets to the theater, tickets to a club or band that she likes. If she’s older she might like theater tickets and dinner out flowers maybe Jewelry maybe all the above. It really all depends. You can try to repost your question an offer that information? Or without knowing any of the information the best suggestion I have is dinner at a nice restaurant and maybe take her to a theater show like a play or musical. Go for a nice walk afterwards and then get her something pretty. If you have money for Jewelry always buys something real not fake. Better to be small and simple but 14 karat gold verse large and beautiful and fake. If you know what perfume she likes you can get that instead. If you know that she likes things like soaps and perfumes but you don’t know what kind you could do the above theater and dinner and get her a gift gift certificate to bed bath and beyond or someplace that you know she likes to shop. The girls always like something that says

  58. Finding a perfect gift is only as complicated as you create it. This holiday demands an especially thoughtful eye, too. Think about what she’s in her downtime, or exactly what she states she wants to do. Gifting something adjoining to something you know she likes shows you are thoughtful, not unoriginal. It really doesn’t matter if that gift is expensive or not because the value of gift is not about money but it’s about how much you care for your better half and you are looking for excuses to make her happy and to see a smile on her face.

    Look for the things she cared and loved the most and it can be anything like if she loves cosmetics and loves to wear makeup then you can gift anything relating to makeup and cosmetics and it should be from her favorite color or shade and that would be enough if this makes her happy and brings a smile on her face.

    Some of the best gift ideas are here as follows which I would be looking for when gifting my girlfriend:

    Nail Polish from her favorite company
    Heart Charm earrings
    Valentine’s day Ice Cream
    Heart shaped tea cups for two
    Original Espresso Machine
    Spinning Heart Messenger Box
    Some Sort of gold jewelry
    Cook Something Sweet For her
    Gemstones Jewelry especially Lapis Lazuli

  59. GiftaLove is a popular online shopping portal that is the one-stop solution for all your gifting needs. Here, you will find lots of gifts for all kinds of occasions such as Anniversary, Wedding, Birthdays, Women’s Day, as well as festive occasions like Holi, Diwali, Dussehra, Navratri, etc.

    The website has also provided gifts by relation. So, if you are looking for Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend online, the website has lined up various gifts for you to impress her.

    1. Heart Shaped Cakes

    If you want to express your love to her, then do it with heart-shaped Birthday Cakes. Our range of heart shaped cakes comes in delectable flavors such as red velvet, pineapple, truffle, black forest, fondant cakes and plenty more.

    2. Beauty and Cosmetic Gift Hampers

    Girls love to wear makeup and they do not go out without wearing at least wearing cosmetic item or carrying it with them. If you’re girlfriend loves make up essentials, then GiftaLove’s collection of cosmetic hampers make an ideal Birthday gift for her. The cosmetic hampers includes nail lacquers, lipsticks, eye shadow palette, and so much more.

    3. Pieces of Jewellery

    If you want to bedazzle your girlfriend, then do it the dazzling way by gifting her stunning pieces of jewelries. GiftaLove’s collection of jewelry includes necklace sets, pendants, earrings, bracelets and many more. From this range, some of our attractions include Blue heart Swarovski necklace, Heart Shaped Gold plated pendant set, Rose Gold Bracelet, etc.

    4. Personalized Coffee Mugs

    Coffee mugs are just the perfect Birthday gift for the coffee lovers. And what’s best then a coffee mug with their name on them? If your girlfriend loves coffee or maybe tea, then you can gift a personalized mug online. You can place an order for the mug and share the image that you want to be printed on the mug. This is a wonderful option to add your own personal ‘Happy Birthday’ message on the mug and gift it to her.

    5. Heart Shaped Rose Arrangements

    GiftaLove also renders special heart-shaped rose arrangements that are the best flower arrangements to gift your beloved. This arrangement comes with chocolates, soft toys, etc.

    You can rely on us when you want to send Birthday Gifts to Girlfriend as we ensure that you are provided with the best quality items with timely delivery. For more gifts and ideas, do visit

  60. What should I give to my girlfriend on her birthday?

    It is important that you give a truly unique and thoughtful gift. Why don’t you check out It is a one of a kind online platform where you can customize handcrafted products to suit your style and needs. Checkout Discover page for curated collection or click on Start Designing page to design from scratch. All your creations will be handcrafted by skilled artists and master craftsmen. Your girlfriend will love that the creation is designed by you and is one of a kind.

  61. What will be the best gift for a girlfriend on her birthday?

    Special Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend

    Birthday Gift by Type

    Gift Ideas

    Our Speciality

    Birthday Gifts

    Watches, Soft Toys, Hand Bags Perfumes, Jewellery

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    Birthday Flowers

    Roses, Lilies, Orchids, Carnations, Bouquets

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    Birthday Cakes

    Chocolate, Pineapple,Butterscotch, Black Forest Cakes

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    Personalized Gifts

    Photo Frames, Lamps, Mugs, Cushions

  62. What memorable gift can I give to my girlfriend on her birthday?
    I would recommend that as your budget is 300 inr. within that you can give her a lifetime memorable gift.

    You should ask her to send a best picture of her with her best dancing moves. once you get it than try to find an artist who would paint her picture on canvas with his skills. Give him some hint of mentioning yours any gesture that she knows about you or probably guess it correctly. Pay him his money.
    Gift wrap it with one lovely letter flew to give her.

    She will remember this forever. If you like do let me know.

    I beleive in giving experiences instead of standard gifts. That could be something like a massage, a picnic in a local park, or renting a nice car (or motorcylce, kayak, canoe etc) and going for a ride. People often say money doesn’t buy happiness, but it is often becasue they are spending it wrong. Spend money on other people and on giving them great experiences and it will make you happier.

    Another interesting expereince is trying the world’s most exclusive and best tasting coffee (Kopi Luwak). Kaya Kopi Luwak has a smooth and non-acidic taste and is a great treat for any coffee fan.

  63. What gift will you give your girlfriend for her birthday?

    Birthdays comes once in a year, yet it’s probably one of the most emotional day of the year, especially for girls. Believe me, I have a fiancé of my own. It is one day of the year, when she can call it her day. All the attention, love & pampering with gifts & cakes are for her. It is likely unknown to you that your girlfriend probably made lists for her birthday party months before her actual birthday. Remember, the countdown starts at least a month in advance, hence you DO NOT take ‘birthday shopping’ for her lightly. Personally speaking I take this as a grand opportunity to melt my love’s heart. The key to such a memorable event are gifts. Birthday gifts for the special woman in your life is a tough puzzle to crack for men like me, who have little knowledge of what a girl likes. So if you’re among those guys, who have difficulty choosing ‘The Gift’ for your girl, here’s a few tips I got from my buddy that may actually help you in this situation.

    1. A very emotional & thoughtful idea would be to make a montage of photos. Make it a lovey dovey stuff like a star-shaped or a heart-shaped collage. Take the time & trouble to make it by yourself – it may not be perfect like the ones when you get a professional to do it, but it shows that you went the extra mile for her. As for the photos, think it over- what are the things that might touch her heart.

    2. What better way to make your girl’s day special than to surprise her with a gift hamper, which she is not expecting to get. It’s really easy to get it nowadays with all the online gift ordering sites. The best gift ordering sites like Floristxpress will provide you with a large array of products to choose from including flowers, cakes, designer cakes, dry fruits, chocolate bouquet, fresh fruits, greeting cards, soft toys, combos, fruit champagne, sweets, greetings card, personal gifts like mugs & statues, etc, all of which they will customize just for your girlfriend’s birthday. These sites even lets you avail for fixed time delivery options (including midnight delivery) of your choice along with free shipping.

    3. Show your concern for your girlfriend’s wellbeing. Give her a break from her work by booking a whole day of relaxation at a spa. Do it a day or so before her birthday, so that she doesn’t miss her birthday party & is not busy with all the calls coming to wish her. This way she will feel revitalized & rekindled on her special day.

  64. What gift will you give your girlfriend for her birthday?

    Girlfriend = Wife

    As I am authorized and athenticated person ;

    I will tell few details only ,

    Totally I will give 17 gifts;

    Only I am authorized to tell 2 gifts remaining 15 gifts are top secret

    One Gift for her choice of food ; whatever she likes I will give example candle light dinner, moon light dinner ; Hoping that she will be my same kind of foodie type 🙂

    One gift of my choice is donating money to child’s education at child home care people ; Right now I am doing for sweets and snakes only ;

    From her birthday onwards I promote myself for doing this such kind of educational donations 🙂

  65. What is the best birthday gift for a girl friend?

    I don’t know about your friend’s choices ,so I would like to answer this question according to my choices.

    If someone gifts me something made by him or puts an effort to make my birthday special with his own ideas and creativity , then that would be the best gift for me. Either it is big or small, simple or designer it doesn’t matter. What matters the most is that you have put an effort to make my day special.

    Some ways to show your personal touch in the gift.

    Gift her a handmade card or a painting made by you.
    Cook something for her ( her favourite dish).
    If you love music then sing a song for her. I bet ,she would be pleased more than enough.

  66. What should I gift my beautiful girlfriend on her birthday?

    It depends on what she’s like.

    For example girls who like:

    Bling – jewellery and make it shiny and gemmy 😛

    Romance – Romantics love it when you know things about them. What is their favourite music, what chocolate do they like, what movies do they like? Sci Fi? Romance? What books does she like to read? A gift from any of their favorite areas shows you’re paying attention and that you listen to them. Romantics love to feel that they’re valued by you and that your feelings run as deep as their, so little post it notes stuck in places they will find them saying what you love about them or a chocolate heart on their bedside table with a note saying “ I give you my heart” they’re gonna love. I saw a cute thing in Pinterest where you make a book out of a deck of playing cards and call it “ 52 things I love about you” Get ready to put you thinking caps on becuase 52 is a hell of a lot LOL.

    Basically, talk to her, listen to the things that she’s passionate about. If you tap into that passion and buy something connected with her interest, you can’t really go wrong and it shows you know who she is.

  67. What should I gift my girlfriend for her birthday to make her feel special?
    We here at Kiiroo completely understand the frustration when it comes to buying a present for your significant other that is not physically next to you. We recommend something that portrays how much thought and effort you have put into the gifts, but also something that illustrates yourself in the presents. Hence, we advice to give a care package of things that trigger her to remember you in little ways. For example, sleep in the same shirt for a while so your smell stays in the tshirt, so when she receives the shirt, she can wear it and be reminded of you. Another idea is to plan a movie date by sending a DVD so you guys can both watch it at the same time, but be sure to by yourself a copy as well. And if you’re into the kinky stuff, you can purchase a teledildonic that is especially designed for long distance lovers. You can find more information about teledildonics through our website!

  68. My girlfriend’s birthday is near, what should I gift her?

    Gift her your time.

    Take her out.

    Spend the day with her.

    Make her laugh till she cries.

    Cook for her.

    Sing a song.

    Dance with each other.

    Let her feel, how much you care for her, how much you love her.

    Make it the best day of her life.

  69. If you are looking for some good birthday gifts for girlfriend?

    Birthday is a special day to celebrate, if you are confused what birthday gift should i give to my girlfriend?

    Here are some ways by which you can make your girlfriend happy without giving a costly gift.

    You can simply give surprise to her and celebrate her birthday and spend whole day with her.

    call her midnight and wish her happy birthday and send her beautiful happy birthday wishes .

    Another way you can simply give her birthday gift like promise to stay forever with her. No any gift can change the value of this promise

  70. Great question! There are so many good birthday gifts that you could give to a girlfriend. First there are a few things you should recognize before buying her a gift.

    1. What are the things that she is interested in?

    Gift giving can be simple, really. However, for me personally, it’s always easier for me to buy a gift for someone who I know better. Before buying someone a gift, answer these few questions:

    What are your girlfriend’s interest? Does she like art or beauty? Is she into make up and would appreciate make up as a gift?
    What does her day to day schedule look like? If she is super busy, she may appreciate a massage to relax or a spa retreat in order to relax. If she spends most of her time at the gym, consider buying her work out gear.
    Do you know of any special items that she may have been wanting for a long time?

    If you don’t know the answer to some of these questions, don’t hesitate to ask your girlfriend. This may be a good time to open up a dialogue to find out the answer to these questions.

    Here are a few gift ideas if you are still stuck on what to buy her:

    Consider making her a home cooked meal! Food isn’t just the way to a guy’s heart. It works for girls too!

    Candles make a great gift as well! Bath and Body Works have some great scented candles and they may have a scent your girlfriend may like!

    A lot of girls like Kendra Scott earrings! Consider getting her jewelry like this. Make sure to incorporate a gift receipt just in case the earrings are quite her style!

  71. What are some great suggestions to gift my girlfriend for her birthday?
    Congratulations 🙂

    21st birthdays are special, it feels like you turn from a girl into a lady.
    So, why not celebrate this by giving her something she’ll admire? Probably a piece of jewellery (on your own risk thought, jewellery usually means you are pretty serious)

    Also,another thing that can be a good present. Or lots of good presents, would be to give her 21 different tiny things, and 1 thing that’ll showcase your love together.
    Get her tiny stuff like her favourite moisturiser, a keychain, a nailpaint, her favorite gloss and stuff..

    And end it up with a bday greeting card with the very 1st picture you guys clicked together or by reliving the moment you guys had 1st met.

    Its all about how you want it to be, and how she wants it.

    Though, there is one thing I would definitely ask you to add in the pile, loads and lots of love, and chocolates… You can

  72. Make a collage of your photos, put the best photos(together) in it. Put mostly photos in which she is smiling. Get it printed on a large size paper(say A3) and behind it write about her.

    Please don’t copy quotes from internet. Write something to tease her or she says very frequently. Write you love her very much.

    Make a video wishing her happy birthday with you friends and send it to her.

    Cut a small cake.

    spend the day with her.

    Buy balloons and leave them free(let her do it).

    Gift her a diary writing your funny and loving date memories.

    Also you can give her some small gift like: amazon.comI Love You Gift for Wife, Husband, Boyfriend or Girlfriend – Birthday, Anniversary or Christmas Gift – Framed Poem and Bear: Toys & Games

    or this Best Gifts 925 Sterling Silver “LOVE YOU FOREVER” Engraved Heart Necklace Pendant with Diamond Accented Austrian Crystals Women’s Fine Fashion Jewelry: Jewelry

  73. See AV(adult video) together……

    Do not ask me why…

    Who try,who know…

    This question reminds me of the precious memory of high school that I stayed up late and secretly opened my computer to seek internet AV seeds…

    I personally relatively love S–Cute and X–ART…somehow my current girlfriend loves SM……

    What a shameless answer…

    By the way,how to go anonymous through smartphone.

    ( ̄ ‘i  ̄;)
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  74. 10 Uniquely Good Birthday Gifts/Ideas for Her

    A woman is someone who adds meaning to a man’s life, whether she is wife or girlfriend or sister. She can be his best friend, companion and guide him through the toughest situations with her patience, instinct and inner strength. In fact, she is a pillar a man can lean on, which makes it all the more necessary to appreciate her by doing small little things for her. Well, you must be wondering why did I not give a shout out to the mother, but hasn’t she always been into a role ignored by us, a thankless part of our lives. But not anymore, one of the best ways for paying gratitude to all those lovely ladies in your life is to present her a meaningful gift on special occasions like Birthday. Choose your picks from the list we carefully curated for you because we understand the real importance of real heroes in your life!

    Jewellery Boxes

    As we all know, jewellery is a girl’s best friend which makes it imperative to gift it to your special woman but buying jewellery is a hectic process as you will have to go to the multiple places, which is rarely possible in your busy schedule. By subscribing for jewellery subscription boxes, she will get a new set of jewellery right at your doorstep, hand-picked by a team of highly enthusiastic, stylish, creative and passionate individuals who strive to bring the best style statements to you again and again. All you need to do is choose the subscription box you want and keep getting the surprise jewels delivered right to your home. You can check out

    Crunchy Fashion:

    A surprise box of beautiful jewellery for fashion forward people which will make your style irresistible. It will consist of the 3 to 5 hottest and latest designs for the season from our extraordinary team of designers.

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    Bling Bag:

    Bling Bag provides trendy fashion jewellery to its members through a unique shopping experience full of surprises, beautifully wrapped in a stylish bag. You’ll get 3 to 4 trendy fashion jewellery.

    Starting from ₹1499/Month Only

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    2. Accessory Boxes

    Another excellent Birthday gift idea for your lady love is accessories like a handbag, leather belt etc. Buy a designer brand which she loves and brings a sparkle to her eyes on her Birthday evening. You can check out

    Mystery Box:

    Mystery Box is a monthly subscription box. It is a fun and an affordable way to discover new products and treat yourself or a loved one with a gift every month. You’ll get 4 to 5 products based on the theme of the month specially handpicked in beauty, fashion, lifestyle, personal care & much more.

    Starting from ₹1499/Month Only

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    Sugar Box:

    Sugarbox accessories box is a curated box full of exclusive goodies. You’ll get a box full of full-sized, premium products of beauty, lifestyle, and fashion delivered at your doorstep. These goodies are hand-picked by their team of in-house stylists and epicureans just for you.

    Starting from ₹1499/Month Only

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    3. Clothing Boxes

    You can also gift quirky designs and solid colored pairs of socks. You can check out

    Moja Club:

    Moja Club socks are manufactured using the highest quality combed cotton, polyamide and elastane and feature works from designers across the world. You’ll get one awesome pair of socks every month.

    Starting from ₹399/Month Only

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    4. Beauty Boxes

    Why not we just slightly twist the gifting options, rather than going with the flow because skin care is something that almost every woman would love to get as a gift and on occasions like Birthday they will just love it. You can check out

    The Nature’s Co:

    The Nature’s Co is an all-natural, cruelty-free, environmentally friendly brand and they have an extensive range of products. If you wish to try some of their products, their Beauty Wish Box subscription service is a good starting place. It comes with 5 deluxe sized and 1 retail sized beauty products with a different theme each month.

    Starting from ₹795/Month only

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    Vanity Cask:

    They revolutionize the way people discover and shop for luxury beauty products in India. They periodically release new boxes, with new brands and new products. Each product samples box will cater to a different beauty category. You’ll get 5 beauty samples of global luxury brands specially curated for Indian handpicked by experts.

    Starting from ₹795/Month only

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    Reverie Box:

    Tired of using chemical products! Looking for something Organic & Natural! Get a box of some of the most sought-after personal care brands hand-picked with love every month. You’ll get 4 natural & organic products plus 1 bonus item curated by a team of beauticians and skin care experts.

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    Go And Say:

    GoAndSay bath and body box is cruelty-free luxury-non-toxic, vegan and ethically made. It contains a selection of such things and curated for the modern, ethical woman. You’ll get 2 brands & 4 full size/monthly size products.

    Starting from ₹796/Month only

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    The Adore Package:

    The Adore Package monthly subscription barely puts a dent in your wallet, but vastly improves your beauty collection as it’s stocked with full-sized cosmetics and skincare to play with. You’ll get 4-5 full sized beauty products from the top international luxury and prestige brands like Nivea, Aroma Magic, Lotus, VLCC, Maybelline, Lakme, Loreal, Colorbar and much more.

    Starting from ₹649/Month only

    Subscribe It Here: The Adore Package

    Besides these gift options, the most amazing gift you can give to her on Birthday is your love and attention. Just let her know how much you love her and what she means to you!

  75. What should I gift my girlfriend for her birthday?

    Thanks for a2a.

    All time favorite and all girls love.


    You can give her imported Chocolates which are not avaible in your country. which make it so special.

    you can get more ideas here

    chocolates by Antra Anapindi on chocolates

  76. What are the best gifts for a girlfriend on her Birthday?

    Girls go crazy for a simple act of love.. Gifts are also one of them.. So get a gift which is made by you… It must not be a big thing…small things also mean a lot..

    Make her a greeting card.. Andwrite something which she wants tomlisten from you on her birthday…plan a proper dinner date and suprise her with a greeting and a gift which can be kept as a memory.. Necklace or something which is not volatile like chocolates or ferrero rochers..volatile in the sense which arent kept as a memory of her birthday… All the best

  77. What will be the best gift for my girlfriend at her birthday?

    I don’t know your girlfriend so I can’t tell you. A good gift is something personal that shows attention to a person’s needs and desires. You should know your girlfriend, if not you really need to consider why (you probably won’t like the answer to that). So think about these things:

    What does she need? Don’t pick something you think she needs, pick something that she herself has in all seriousness said she needs.

    What does she like? As I said before a good gift is personal and it should be tailored as much as possible to the recieving party.

    What can you afford? Don’t break your bank getting a gift that is well beyond what you can afford too pay for. It can make you resent buying the gift in the end and it’s could make your girlfriend feel guilty for recieving something so expensive. I’m not saying you should be a cheapskate and buy a cheap gift; I’m saying that you should not indebt yourself in order to buy an expensive luxury that is beyond your price range.

    One of the best and most thoughtful gifts I ever got was a pizza cutter. It cost $3, I was present when they bought it, and I still use it 10 years later. It was a simple object that I really needed at the time and I still think of the person who gave it to me every time I use it.

  78. the best birthday gift for a girlfriend is something peronalized and very special. It can be a chocolate box with her art photo on it. Design art photo of your girl on site http:\\
    then print it at home or in the rearest photo office, stick on a box and it will be unique gift to your girlfriend.

  79. What are the best impressive birthday gifts for girlfriend?

    However, I am married yet suggest you effective gifts for your girlfriend. As girls love to feel special therefore I usually prefer to plan a sizzling dinner date for my wife with effective decoration along with a beautiful and luxury limo that I have hired from Toronto Limo Rentals at an affordable price. Make sure to decorate the limo well that will put the extra and positive effect on the whole plan. Trust me, she would feel surprised having such an amazing gift as my wife does.

    You can also search for some of the suitable options according to your preference and resources available by taking the help of online sites guiding properly.

  80. What gift will you give your girlfriend for her birthday?

    Birthdays of loved ones provide you best opportunities to express your love.
    Girls like courageous boys who are able to express love in front of any one so take her to the crowd (probably to a shopping mall) and wish her boldly in a way demonstrating that she is so special to you.
    If not, wish her at exactly 12. Organise her room with full of colourful balloons .
    Present her bunches of red roses.Gift her greeting cards mentioning your special moments.
    Take her to moon light dinner with her favourite songs played in background.
    If she loves shopping then gift her with a designer dress or handbag or sandles etc.
    If she is teddy lover present her with the cutest teddy bear.
    If she is find of barbies or Disney queens present the dolls.
    Present her a best cake that gives content to her. Order a cake corresponding to her interests .

  81. Girlfriend is a most important person for you. If it’s her birthday then you should wish her with some special birthday gift. Birthday one of the best time to show your love to your girlfriend. With special birthday gift, you can make her sense that how she is special to you and how much you love her. If you give some great gift then she will very happy. The gift need not to more expensive but try to present a romantic gift to her as like as valentines day.

    Romantic Happy Birthday Gift Ideas for Girlfriend


    Here some jewelry ideas for girlfriends birthday.

    Big chunky rings
    Statement necklaces
    Initial Necklace
    Cool earrings
    Designer Watch
    Unique bracelets
    Turquoise Jewelry


    Here some best cosmetics idea for girlfriend birthday.

    Kat Von D Summer Favorites Lip & Liner Set.
    La Roche-Posay Soothing Essentials Skincare Gift Set.
    Benefit Cosmetics Benefit Bestsellers Set.
    R+Co Day + Night Set.
    Juice Beauty Daily Hydrating Solutions Kit.
    NARS Nude Lip Duo.
    Wander Beauty Morning Makeover Kit.


    Here some chocolate gift ideas for girlfriend birthday.

    Godiva Chocolate Heart.
    A Dozen Chocolate Roses.
    Sweethearts for My Valentine.
    Ultimate Chocolate Tower.
    Milk Chocolate Heart.
    Sweetheart Bouquet.
    Chocolate Diamond.


    Here some flower gift ideas for girlfriend birthday.

    Pink Tulips.
    Calla Lilies.
    Gerbera Daisies.
    Red Rose.
    Sweet Peas.

    Cinema LightBox

    Full-Body Mermaid Tail Blanket

    Photo Gallery

  82. Give your girl the best birthday gift that they surely love, and what will it be? MAKEUP.

    Organic Blush
    Matte Lipstick
    Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner
    Crayon Concealer
    Translucent Powder
    Makeup Setting Spray

    These are some example of makeup that you can give to your girlfriend.

  83. What will be the best gift for a girlfriend on her birthday?

    Every women loves jewelry, so buying necklace is a good gift for girlfriend on her birthday.

    Pendant Necklace Jewelry For Her – Birthday Jewelry Present For Girlfriend

    Crystal Earrings Wedding -bridal Crystal Jewelry Sets – Crystal Necklace Pendant – Girl Friend Wife Birthday Gift Jewelry – Necklace And Earring Sets For Bridesmaids Cheap – Free Shipping World Wide

    Heart Shaped Necklace For Girlfriend Jewelry Anniversary Birthday Gifts For Wife Multiple Variation Free Shipping


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  85. Originally Answered: What gift is best for girlfriend birthday?
    Make a collage of your photos, put the best photos(together) in it. Put mostly photos in which she is smiling. Get it printed on a large size paper(say A3) and behind it write about her.
    Please don’t copy quotes from internet. Write something to tease her or she says very frequently. Write you love her very much.
    Make a video wishing her happy birthday with you friends and send it to her.
    Cut a small cake.
    spend the day with her.
    Buy balloons and leave them free(let her do it).
    Gift her a diary writing your funny and loving date memories.

  86. If you have just moved into a relationship and you want to give your girlfriend something special; there is a huge variety for you to choose from. You can go for exciting chocolate hampers, customized mugs, cushions, perfumes, make up kits, watches and much more. Even if you want to say her ‘I love you’; you can send her a bouquet of red roses. You can find all this stuff along with a huge variety on Express Gift Service. This service not just gets you your favorite gifts but also delivers your gifts for you. This way even if your girlfriend lives in UK; you can send her your loving gift.

  87. Atiqur Rahman
    Atiqur Rahman, Medical Information Officer
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  88. Make her feel special, needed and loved on her birthday. It’s probably the most valuable gift you can give . You can make a beautiful video/slideshow of your love story and once again show how special she is. All you need for this is an easy-to-use online video creation tool. For instance you can try one of the templates offered by Renderforest.

    Love Confession Letter

    An easy way of telling your love story to a loved one is using the Love Confession Letter template just by uploading the photos and adding the text.

    Birthday Party Video Card

    Show your love and feelings and create a birthday video card with the help of this template in several minutes.

    Our Love Story

    This slideshow is one of the perfect ways for making your girlfriend’s day special and unforgettable.

    Happy Birthday Greeting 3D Video Card

    Use this template to create and share lovely birthday messages in minutes.

    Happy Birthday Greeting

    When you want to say happy birthday and send best wishes to your loved ones look at this Happy Birthday Greeting template.

    The process is very easy. Just choose one of the various templates you are offered here, upload your lovely photos, add music and text to make it more emotional. After several minutes your special gift will be ready!

  89. Flowers are the first choice of everyone who wants to express his feelings of love and flowers are natural artwork and beauty on earth.Most girls love flowers and if you want to send flowers to your girlfriend on her birthday or just to tell her you are thinking about her then you have a option to send her beautiful red roses from our collections of red roses on one click.Second a birthday is not a birthday without a cake find best quality cakes in our store.Third option is chocolates after flowers girls love chocololates even more than she loves his boyfriends :D. We at Oyegifts are working for your feelings to be expressed in a unique way that she will admires your feelings.We are available in all india and if your girlfriend lives in chandigarh then you can send gifts to Chandigarh with the option of same day delivery.Visit our website or call our number to book your order now and send the love letters in the form of flowers.

    Here are some option you can choose to send her :

    Flower Combo – Beautiful Bunch of 12 long Stem Red Roses in a cellophane packing with green fillers , red colour ribbon bow, 6inch cute Soft toy & 5 Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolates (18gm each)

  90. What is the best gift I can give a girlfriend for her birthday?

    The one that is presented to her on her birthday is the best gift.

    Your homework to find out that special, unique and romantic gift has already been done. Scroll and check it out and let your girlfriend go gaga in excitement!

    Collect all your pictures and get a mosaic frame made out of it! This personalised gift will define ‘love’ most accurately. Girls have soft corner for all the memories and this frame stands perfect to compile them!

    Songs are a beautiful way to express the feeling of your heart. You already know your partner’s favourite songs, right? Get a professional guitaristand add a cake along with it. Cut their birthday cake and make them feel really special.

    Romantic candlelight dinners are always a perfect way to surprise your partner in a pleasant way! Prepped up atmosphere with delicious delicacies makes your bond even stronger.

    You can also get your room decorated for the special day!
    Transform your room to a magical place with these decorations. Fairy-lights and lanterns on the ceiling create a beautiful ambience. Also, romantic rose petal decorations will be done on the bed to enhance the proportion of love between you two.

    This romantic balloon decorationis also a peculiar way to celebrate her birthday!

    For more such romantic, personalised and cute surprises, visit ExperienceSaga.

  91. What should be the best gift for girlfriend on her birthday?
    I personally believe that a gift which is highly personalised and least materialistic in nature is liked by everyone on every occasion.Imagine surprising your girlfriend with a song which is written,composed and sung originally just for her! This one song will stay with her, all her life and she will listen to it every time she needs a reason to smile. We, at Wishbeats, make it possible . Wishbeats offers personalised songs and videos for every occasion. You can find a sample song here -Samples .
    Visit WishBeats today !

  92. What gift should I give to my girlfriend for her birthday?
    Gift her a box that will contain many gifts worth minute details and importance to your relationships is the best.

    Things need not be costly, but beatiful and cute and must hold some meaning or should be related to something.

    Small gifts like , A beautiful hairclip,
    A Tiara, a Nice Lipstick, Eye liner, mascara, a pendent, a dress, a bracelet, shoes, and like that, some more stuff.

    Dont forget to include a nicely written love letter and a Bday card- better if hand made.

    or if you cant do this…send her some Cash, she will be equally happy!!!

  93. What can I give to my girlfriend on her birthday?

    You should be thinking about this yourself since you know your girlfriend better than anyone else.

    Your gift should revolve around something that you have learned about her, something that she loves. Think about what kind of things she cares about, such as needs and what she cherishes in her life.

    Suprise her by getting multiple gifts for her. Get her some flowers, and a stuffed animal for example.

    The possibilities of things you can give her are endless, sort of. Get creative and put some love into what you’re giving her.
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  94. Birthdays are important occasions especially if you are in a relationship. You might have your expectations from your significant other. There are various things which you can gift your girlfriend. I will list down some:

    Personalized apparel: Gifting her clothes is a good option if you know her choice. Otherwise, go for customized printing by printing her favorite things on to a t-shirt. It could be anything, like a quote from her favorite series or a quote from her favorite book. You must be aware of her likes and dislikes so do it accordingly.

    2. Personalized bags: Bags are an amazing gift too. Choose a good purse or a bag for your Girlfriend. Go for good color and choose one which has a lot of compartments.

    3. Diaries: Diaries are also a great gift for your girlfriend if she likes to write. She can maintain a journal with it.

    4. Photo gifts: This is a very special thing to gift someone. You can print your special moments on photo gifts and remind her of all your times together.

  95. Custom in-ear headphone is a good gift for your girlfriend. The headphone is customized, so only your girlfriend can wear it, just like crystal shoes for Cinderella. Thanks to customizion, it will be comfortable and steady to wear.

    Besides, it really looks like a crystal.

  96. What can I get my girlfriend for her birthday?

    I haven’t spent anything on my girf for my girlfriend and she apreciated it much more than any other material thing I could have gave her.

    My girf was a video made by me with stop motion photos telling the story of how we meet and at the end I managed to get at least 50 pictures around the world wishing her an happy birthday.

    That put together with an awesome music it made the perfect gift.

    It made me so happy when she said that she liked it very much and that she didn’t expected me to do something like that for her.

    So just be creative. You don’t need to spend money, sometimes the best gifts are those that you didn’t had to pay for.

    One of the pictures that I used to tell the story.

    One of the pictures that I’ve got around the world.

    You can do something like this.

    You can use Reddit or Facebook groups to ask people for pictures.

  97. Women love meaningful and beautiful gifts & those that will last long. Gifts that are eternal becomes a part of their memory & everyday life. There are many ideas that will not go wrong. Some examples are an eternal rose , pearls especially if you are very serious with your girlfriend. Because remember, gifts to your girlfriend will convey the message of how serious you are about her.

    You could also get her a relaxing spa voucher, especially if she is working hard and needs a good break. She will love you so much for this.

    Another great idea that women love is to have unique gifts with a unique story that none of her friends have. Like these handmade beautiful silk scarves from SHANSAA. These are from naturally produced silk & coloured using vegetable dyes. It can be so precious for a woman because it has a unique story and is handmade and on top it is Silk which in itself is such a great luxury to own.
    32.3k views · View Upvoters

  98. What should I gift to My Girlfriend on Her Birthday?

    when so many options are available on the internet and also in the market, it becomes very confusing to choose a gift which is one-of-a-kind. women love receiving expensive and pampering gifts, but what only a few people know is that, sometimes they just want you to let her know how much you love her in the simplest of forms.

    Its not the money, but the thought behind the gift that count. just letting her know that you are putting your efforts would be more than enough.

    you can try to make her a video of all her pictures and her videos. There are websites who merge all your pictures to create a memory lane. I used Unique,Creative and Best gift online to create a video for my mom. she absolutely loved it. they amalgamate all you images and audios and you can even insert hand-written messages, and make an almost magical memory walk that’ll always stay with her.

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    Toys: A friend in need is (toy)friend indeed. Gift her a sex toy this birthday, be sure to be discreet. I mean no one wants to open the toy in front of all the friends. Sex toys add a lot of kink to the bed life and is sure bring a lot of oomph moments.

    Important consideration: It is important to understand her openness to something a kinky as a sex toy. Be sure to gaze that before and be sure that she wont mind something like this.

  100. What kind of gift can I buy for my girlfriend for her birthday?

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  101. What birthday gift shoud I gift for my girlfriend?

    Here are some gift ideas for girlfriend and whatever your status or her likes, I think these unique gift idea will work for you and convey your message. Hope She’ll love that!

    1. Makeup Palette

    2. Gift Baskets

    3. Gift her a Coffee Bar Brewer

    4. Running Shoes

    5. Earrings

    6. Gift a Beautiful Dress

    I think its enough. You can also plan a trip or visit her favorite place to dinner and last not least give her a lots of love & make sweet memories of these days.

  102. OH ! When it’s about one of the most important person of your life you have to be very careful.

    Here are some ideas i can provide you 🙂

    1-Mindful Photo Album or Frame

    The straightforward Forever Photo Album will do. A collection that predicts what your children will look like might take it somewhat far… If you need to get wistful yet keep it straightforward, run with a Kate Spade picture outline for your most loved couple present.

    “I like wistful things, so on the off chance that he could assemble something like a photograph collection or scrapbook that is significant to our relationship that would be so charming.” – My Girlfriend Lalita

    “My most loved blessing was a scrapbook of photographs of us that he made for me. It implied a ton to me in light of the fact that set aside the opportunity to pick the photos and sat down to consider all our extraordinary recollections. I adore that I can think back on the book for a considerable length of time to come.” – My friend Tina

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    2-Book of Keats Poetry

    Look… you don’t need to purchase this correct book of John Keats ballads (I included Keats since he’s my undisputed top choice). You can get her any book of sentimental ballads.

    … Because just by offering it to her, it appears as though you’re devoting all the book’s sonnets to her… and that is madly sentimental.

    Presently… as an additional sentimental touch:

    Keep in touch with her a short, sentimental note inside the cover (she’ll consider it like an individual ‘ballad’ from you).

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    3-Personalized Wood Desktop Pen Set

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    Another alumni

    Another office laborer

    Another instructor

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    CrownLit Personalised Black Pen and Wooden Box with Engraved Name

    4-A Scarf that Shows Her Personality

    Hotshot your better half’s fun identity with a pretty printed scarf (it’s one of only a handful couple of mold things you don’t have to get in the correct size).

    The one above is printed with elephants, however Etsy has scarves with numerous creatures, blooms, film references, or even lines from well known books. Pick a scarf that your better half will love… and consider you when she wears.

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    5-Clip and Chain Hanging Photo Display Rail

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    Presently… to improve this blessing even:

    Print photographs of you and her, her family, or her pets and to begin her new photograph divider.

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    6-Initials Earrings with Birthstone

    Like I made reference to in this article, any person can get his better half precious stone studs. They’re pretty, however predictable.

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    These sterling silver/ zirconia hoops include her birthstone and her two initials. When she wears them, she’ll realize that nobody else is wearing anything like it.

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    7- Cakes

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  103. Your Girlfriend Deserves A Special, Unique, Thoughtful Birthday Gift

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  104. What is the right present to tell a friend to give to his girlfriend on her birthday?

    A bracelet? A ring? A huge teddy bear? A bouquet of flowers?

    Depends on that girl’s personality which you can try to figure out by looking at her outfit.

    If she looks elegant and not childish, maybe she loves jewellery (ring/bracelet/necklace). If she looks cute with her ‘cute’ outfit and ‘cute’ personality maybe she loves teddy bear, chocolates, cute stuff such as cute pouch and so forth.

    If he wanna set a surprise birthday night for her, he can make a candle light dinner beside the beach or even outside her/his house or a candle light dinner on a rooftop of a restaurant with pretty lights. <3 While having that candle light dinner, choose a right moment to give her the gift. Maybe a bracelet or necklace or ring with a bouquet of flowers or with a huge teddy bear. That would be nice. Well happy birthday in advance for her! Have a blast on ur upcoming birthday! (for her xD) 436 views

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    Personalized Gifts


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  106. What are some good birthday gifts for my girlfriend?
    Birthdays come but once a year. They are indeed, very special and worth making the most of. This applies to your own birthday and that of your close buddies.
    -Take her to some special place

    No, it doesn’t need to be expensive. Think of her favorite hang-outs like a local coffee shop, the beach or a special restaurant. If you’ve got more energy then plan an adventure sport, bowling trip or paint-balling activity. Whatever you do, try to pick up on any hints and ensure it’s something suited to her tastes.
    -Get the gift of her dreams

    If she’s anything like me… or most females, then she’ll have an idea of what she wants. Take a look around, ask her mom and if need be, just ask her! The last thing she needs is a gift that’ll sit on the shelf for years to come.
    -Make a big deal

    She may tell you on multiple occasions that she wants a very relaxed and calm celebration with no fuss but, she doesn’t really. Get a cake, candles and champagne. Make her feel special and be sure to throw in a surprise at some stage!
    Say what you feel

    Speak your mind and don’t wait until you’ve had a few drinks. People like to be told how special they are. Sure, actions speak louder than words but words will stick in her head (and heart) for years to come.
    -Remember how it felt

    If she’s as good a friend as you are to her, then she’ll have made you feel special on your birthday. Keep this in mind and know that, when you’re showing extra kindness, it feels just wonderful!

    Your days are what you make of them so make them count both for you and yours. Have you done anything extra-special for a friend on their birthday?

    What can I get my girlfriend for her birthday?

    Make her feel special and extra love and appreciate on her birthday. Sometimes the best gifts are not material but homemade (making an album, writing reasons why you love her and putting those in a jar, framing photos). You can simply going out to a very special dinner as well. Flowers, candy, days at the spa, makeup, handbag, jewelry are all good options for women.

  107. Girlfriends are special.. and therefore you should think of gifting her something unique, something that’s suited for her style and taste.

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  109. What should I gift my girlfriend for her birthday?

    There are a LOT of things that do well as a birthday present, but here are the general ones.

    The treat that works for 99.9% of the Earth’s population as any gift. Seriously, who would resist chocolate?

    Little purse/bag
    Not saying that your girlfriend is bad at tidying stuff, but a little bag like a purse would really help whenever she has loose stuff lying around the place.

    We all know this trick works best in chilling days, but know what? Scarves are very useful even in BURNING days when two of you walk into the mall and the air-con is set to 16(or even lower, you never know!) degrees Celsius.

    Take her out for a day-trip…or even a good month’s travel abroad!
    No one ever said that gifts need to be solids…not even God. Taking your GF out to her favourite place can really boost her day and make her happy. Plus, you two might just find that you’re each other’s perfect match during the trip!

  110. A pendant, is a bestest choice…

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  111. There are lots of reasons to buy a gift for your girlfriend. Maybe there’s a holiday right around the corner, or maybe her birthday is coming up. Or maybe she just had a tough week at work, and she could use a little something to boost her spirits. Finding a great gift can be tricky. The best gift for her depends on the occasion, and how long you’ve been dating. After all, the kind of birthday gift you’d buy for a girl you just started dating a few months ago is going to be very different from the gift you’d pick out for your girlfriend of five years.

    Need a great gift for your girlfriend? We’re here to help. Our guide to the best gifts for girlfriends is packed with cool, creative, and romantic gift ideas. Whether you’re on the hunt for something small and sweet, or a jaw-dropping gift for a special occasion, there’s something on this list that will appeal to her taste and your budget.

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  112. What should I buy my girlfriend for her birthday?

    Well depending how she is. Is she a materialistic girl or not?

    If she is, then I would suggest a purse, makeup, clothes, heels etc if she is not into that kind of stuff then I would suggest flowers with a huge teddy bear with candy/chocolate. I personally like flowers, bear, and candy and a little dinner date like a sushi restaurant or Korean BBQ , but others girls are just to damn expensive…

  113. What birthday gift shoud I gift for my girlfriend?

    Girls love to be gifted something that they love the most on their birthdays. For this, first you will have to know her taste and liking. She being your girlfriend, it is obvious you must be aware about her choices, yet having her closest friends in the plan with you while you buy her gifts is safe as you can consider their choices to buy a full-proof gift that she will definitely like. Be sure that you aren’t giving her anything that is related to her home or work. Give her things that she will use for personal purposes. Gifting her something that she can carry around is all the more better as she can get to flaunt around your love for her. Coming back to gifts, go with basics such as cosmetics or clothes. when buying cosmetic remember to gift the ones of the very best brand. Read this for further information on it: Top 10 Beauty Brands in the U.K But, if your girl friend is creative and loves to carve out stuff or make beautiful handicraft pieces then gift her something that is in the domain of stationery. You can get really good stationery items from this store: Office Supplies and Computer Consumables. If you are looking forward to gift her shoes since girls love shoes then read this article: Top 30 British-made Shoe Brands. Dont forget to make the memorable for her with some personalised gifts as well.

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  115. What gifts should I present to my GirlFriend on her birthday?


    What do you think really brings a smile on her face? Is she a sports fanatic? Does she like expensive things? Movie, Spas? Is she a creative person? Emotional?

    You must first think of these and then decide the gifts.

    Here’s what I expect as a gift from my guy ( I am a creative person and like all things ‘out of the box’)

    Him singing me a song in the public/ wishing me with a song/personal message video on my social accounts-FB, twitter (Free)
    A hand made card with messages from family and friends (Free)
    Some picture collage of your memories togather ( Free if made online , INR 1000 max if printed and framed)
    Couple Spa (INR 2000-3000)
    Adventure park tickets for two (500-2000) Kingdom of Dreams if you are in Delhi
    Make secret plans to kidnap her with her friends..blindfold her till you reach an ideal location and surprise her with all friends/family by singing dancing for her.. We did this for one of my girl friends and she was literally in tears when she saw her boyfriend dedicating a dance item for her. This was done in a park in Delhi.( Free with some priceless expression on her face)
    Buy her a nice dress with some matching fashion jewellery and send it to her with a little love note(asking her out on a date) (INR1500-3000)

  116. Women are fond of gifts, not necessarily only the expensive ones. Anything that has been bought with love are precious to them. Especially when it’s about buying gifts for your girlfriend, something with a more personal touch is sure to have more appeal on her. Shoes, pearls, flowers, handmade cards, chocolates, teddy bears, perfumes, one piece dresses etc. are some of the most common gifts you can buy for your girlfriend. There is an entire assortment of gifts you can buy though online gift shop like Oye Gifts.

  117. What should I give my girlfriend for her birthday?

    I have prepared for my friend,I am from ahmedabad, there is one revolving restaurent here named “Patang”(u may aware of it), So I will take her to there and I have made designer suit for her I will give it to her after completing dinner with the view of riverfront,city, sky, stars n all, instead of bill cover, I have told restaurent management that please come with these packed suit n let us see how she reacts!

  118. What are the best impressive birthday gifts for girlfriend?

    Well, girlfriends are more close then other friends. Birthday is a day when a girl expects something cute and interesting gifts from her boyfriend. And jewellery items and other accessories are girls favourite, so if you want to make your loved one happy and make her feel special then a pair of diamond earring or a diamond set would be the best gift you can ever give her. And I know some stores who sell gold in San Diego and not only gold but they also provide diamond, platinum and other jewellery items which are good in quality and you can also buy them at affordable rates. So, just go ahead and gift your loved one a beautiful gift.

  119. Rings!

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    The Perfect gift you can give to your girlfriend is a beautiful Ring

    The promise ring is said to be the ring that is given before engagement, to promise and engage the person, a connection. But, this ring can be given as per the happening or only to show your love for ‘the one’. Before assuring a person, make sure that you can have the promise and pledge to it ever. A healthier way is to burn it. An engraved promise ring is such a beautiful form of showing love, so make sure you give it special. It can be a mystery between you two that is engraved inside the ring. Or, it might add to your compliments when you officially tell the world. Engrave it with something that both you can very well relate with.

    Let us help you build your stack with our wide-ranging Rings Collection that includes everything from glitzy gemstone options to playful pop-art inspired selections. Go on, layer them up!

    One of the Great Quote:

    The first thing I did when I sold my book was to buy a new wedding ring for my wife and asked her to marry me all over again.

    Nicholas Sparks

    I love jewelry – rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, you name it.

    Sofia Vergara

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    Girlfriend or any human being will easily forget a tangible gift within days or months, so it’s better if you give some lifetime memories as a gift.

  120. What is the best present to give to my girlfriend for her birthday?

    I hope and assume that you’re not short on love and attention, cause that’s gonna be bad! Those two should be your number one gift to her, by all means. That’s what the ‘job description’ of a boyfriend would be in my honest opinion.

    That being said, I would suggest you to give her the things she’s been dying to have. Maybe she said something about that cute necklace she saw in a magazine or that hobo bag she found online?

    And if you can’t remember anything specific, you could always give her personalized goodies like canvasses or puzzles that has sentimental values on it. Anything that reminds her of the happy times both of you had together, like that dinner at the fancy restaurant or that netflix-and-chill night. It might be a tad cheesy but it serves as a cute reminder of how far you both have been together in a relationship! Check out Printcious to get some inspiration and create personalized items for her that she will surely love!

  121. Coming from a mom who has a son, this is a yearly event for us. As my son gets so anxious when it’s his girlfriend’s birthday month. It may sound insane but yes, he preps up a month in advance and a couple of things that we learned for the last couple of years that he’s been giving gifts:

    Probe – As my mom would always say, just to be sure, always ask. Bot bluntly though but ask in a casual way, it’s like a getting to know things like what the girl wants, has been looking at getting and what she wants to receive on her special day. Just in passing always works.
    Set a budget – Yes, Along with the preparing to get a gift is a cost involved and over the years, we kinda learned that expensive does always make the best gifts. As most of the time, it’s the little things that count.
    Value – Not monetary wise but more on, would his girl like the gift and how it’s going to impact her – would it be put into good use? Would she love it and use it forever or remember it by?

    You can check this out: The Best Birthday Gifts for Women – 10 Trendy items under $30 and I am pretty you’ll find one for your girlfriend.

  122. I made a unique ring for her. Before that I don’t know anything about jewelry making. But when I saw this video and making tools and materials. I understand that it is not very difficult. video : How to make a white Bodhi Ring Jewelry

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    Use other sandalwood materials. I will still try to make some better rings.

  123. What is the best gift for a girlfriends’s birthday?

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  124. What are some great suggestions to gift my girlfriend for her birthday?

    Ohh that’s great and that comes for double celebration.

    You can gift her chocolates if she likes, then ring is very close to women so you can gift her that too, some trendy earrings, premium clutches and more.

    This Luda Ring in shape of the rose would be the best to gift her along with some designer necklace set


    Looking for a gift for a new girlfriend or your forever steady? Our unique gift selection lets you personalize gifts to convey messages of both puppy and undying love. Or, maybe the more practical monogrammed luggage or an engraved keepsake box is the perfect gift for her. Whatever your status or her likes, we have unique gifts for girlfriends that you can have a hand in creating. She’ll love that!

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  126. What’s the best gift to my girlfriend’s birthday?

    Almost all boyfriend loves to celebrate their girl friend birthday with great surprise and even girls are waiting for that. I will suggest you take her long trip if she loves travelling and cut the cake in the best place. If she like to be with her best friend then make a trip and cut the cake over their and enjoy choose the place which she likes. You can also give her a surprise gift which she don’t have and she is looking for many things are available. Photo frame of you and your girlfriend or finger ring many more. You can order cake from cake zone you will get chocolate and bouquet.

  127. What is the best gift for a girlfriend on her birthday?

    Well.. This is the one that I gave to my Love..

    Mirror……Just A mirror I gave it to her… She looks beauty when she looks on that mirror….Everytime, She look out the mirror and smile for such crazy gift given by me…

  128. What should I gift my girlfriend for her birthday?

    Anything that She genuinely likes. If she loves reading and you know her taste, get a book. That’s the best gift one could ever give.

    If she loves handmade stuff, write something for her. People who value handmade stuff Love these things more than anything else.

    If she uses a lot of accessories, get some. Whatever she likes and seeing that thing it reminds her of you.

    Make a small cute card with your favorite pictures pasted in it. That would be like a cherry on the cake.
    453 views · View Upvoters

  129. Girls likes the Chocolates & Flowers the most but we should not forget the cake because no birthday celebration is complete with the cake cutting. You can send a combination gift online that consist a delicious cake, beautiful flower bouquet & some chocolates. Send Best Gift has wide range for combination gifts online and also provide the same day delivery to Pan India. You can also surprise your girl friend with our Mid Night Delivery.

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  130. Thanks for sharing such good question…

    A birthday celebration is the accurate time to show your girlfriend that how much she is special for you and what are your intense feelings for her. Below we have listed some best birthday gift ideas for girlfriend or wife that are really superb for her.

    I think girls love varieties in their gifts.

    A Photo Collage: A photo collage is a very cute idea for your girlfriend’s birthday as it is thoughtful and also has a personal touch to it. You can actually make a collage in a certain shape such as a heart or star etc by cutting the photos properly. Please don’t resort to an online photo collage maker as it just shows your uninterest.

    Handbags: Sober colours and not so bright ones is the right choice for you to make when picking up a handbag. Picking the right choice of a handbag is challenging, so take a second opinion.

    A Gift Hamper: A gift hamper can always make a girls day. Now a days, gift hampers are easily available online and in shops. Some shows also let you make your own hamper by choosing what all you want in the hamper and they decorate it for you.

    Jewellery: A way to a woman’s heart is through the glitter of a diamond! The best birthday gift to give your girlfriend on the eve of her birthday is by gifting a pair of diamond earrings or necklace.

  131. I scored big points when I used Tellinga. Tellinga creates personalized stories as one of a kind gifts with customized illustrations through traditional mail. Story recipients receive hand-drawn stories about themselves based on unique preferences. Here’s how it works:

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  132. What should I gift my girlfriend on her birthday to surprise her?

    Not just gifts but surprise her by incidents.
    Make her birthday memorable every moment.
    Do all those little things which she always wanted to do together.

    Those small things which she always liked but could not make it up. A surprise trip would also be too good. Like a surprise cake cut at a different place or a place where she always wanted to go.

    Your love will be the best gift. Show it by your actions every single second.

  133. My girlfriend’s birthday is next week. What are some creative ideas for a birthday gift?
    Though very difficult to answer without knowing one, but few all time favourites of girls are jewellery, personalized items of any kind (should have some value to it be it monetary or emotional), soft toys, gadgets, apparels, more touchy would be a collage of both of you, few dedicated songs, a Facebook comment of “so sweet and other things….”, a twitter update and at last a selfie of both of you on Insta.

  134. Aagan Maskey
    Aagan Maskey, Learner at Quora (2015-present)
    Answered Jan 17, 2017

    Good gifts for your girlfriend? Your girlfriend might definitely be fond of surprises. So, how about surprising her on this birthday through an elegant slideshow video. You do not need to be a video editing professional to do so. The slideshow video can be ready within few minutes.

    After the slideshow video is ready, you can share it on social medias or directly export it on YouTube. In simple 4 steps, the slideshow video can be ready. Firstly, select appropriate style (recommended Soulmate). Add photos; either uploading or importing from Facebook. Insert audio clips and finalize. The slideshow video automatically gets ready!

    Try making similar elegant slideshow videos!
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  135. Diksha Bansal
    Diksha Bansal, Delhiite | Guitar is love | Adventure and travelling is life
    Answered Sep 21, 2015

    Open when letters
    Customised gifts having your pictures

    Something like these

    A basket full of all her favorite things
    Gifts according to her age. Eg: 21 gifts if she turns 21 and so on
    And, the most important thing you can giver her is your time

    Hope it helps 😀
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  136. What are some great suggestions to gift my girlfriend for her birthday?

    What a beautiful coincidence. Since its double bonanza it surely calls for a double celebration and hence a perfect gift to suit both occasions. There can be a limitless list of gifting ideas which make it tougher to choose the best one. However I feel since you both are so young the gift should be simple bought out of pure love and doesn’t put too much pressure on your pocket. I would suggest you look at some lovely pieces of silk scarves at Shanasaa.

    These amazing pieces of silk will not only add to her beauty but also, its softness will keep reminding her of the tenderness and warmth of your love.
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  137. What should I gift my girlfriend for her birthday?

    Take her out for a romantic evening to some fancy restaurant.

    If you’relooking for something materialistic gifts, give her something that she’s into. Let’s say she likes to dress up, you can giver her some makeup stuff.

    Just think what she likes most and you’ll be ready with your gift. You can also check out this website, I always refer to it while buying any products online.

    Handpicked | W.Geller

    I hope this helps you. All the best!
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  138. What will be the best gift for a girlfriend on her birthday?

    I assume that you both are very well connected.Best gift is being with her and making time on that day for her completely. Don’t just sit or roam around the streets you take her to a movie or two, beach, tour, temple or church, orphanage and gift the needy people some amount or celebrate her birthday along with them by sharing happiness finally be good in bed :p

    Thanks for reading.. Take care of her
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  139. What is the best gift I can give a girlfriend for her birthday?

    Your time!

    She’d love to spend the day with you, so make yourself free on her birthday and take her to a movie (if she’s a movie buff), shopping or simply spend some time in a park or beach. You can end the day with a yummy dinner at her favourite restaurant!

    Apart from these you can gift her a box of chocolates, a red rose, and of course a beautiful greeting card with some poetic words written on it!

    Thank you!

    Pic : Google
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  140. What should I gift my girlfriend on her birthday to surprise her?

    What does she like rather what does she need right now is the most important thing you should first know !!!

    Gifting something she really needs will make her happy , moreover it depicts that you you can read her or you do care her for real !!!

    If you aren’t sure what to gift her girls like some specific things :

    If she likes to make over then gift her a makeover kit
    Or you can gift a dress she was thinking to buy from months.
    You can gift her a wrist watch !!!
    You can gift a ring and propose her !!!
    Gift her your heart !!!

    Look Brother There’s Nothing In This World Will Make Her Happy But A Chocolate In Your Hands With A Smile On Your Face.

  141. Anu Chowdary
    Anu Chowdary, Founder of
    Answered Feb 13, 2018

    Running in hurry? No time to buy a specialgift for your girl in lastminute. Don’t worry… I have 10 beautiful ideas to surprise her on her birthday or #Valentinesday… infact any special day

    Top 10 Best surprise Gifts for wife or Girl friend for any occasion via @top10bestways

    #Specialgift for a #specialgirl in your #life. Make her day an #unexpected surprise with these #fantastic #surpriseideas

  142. What are the best impressive birthday gifts for girlfriend?

    Gifts given to girlfriend should be special. In order to impress her, present her the most beautiful gifts and surprise her. Few of the interesting gifts are as follows

    Painting Portrait: Present her an awesome portrait, she will be thrilled and feel surprised. Take a beautiful pic of her and send to doozypics. Doozypics is specialized in painting portraits. For more details visit

    Doozypics turns your photos into beautiful portrait painting arts.

    If you can afford, present her an iphone

    A diamond ring

    Personalized Greeting card, tell her how much you love her.
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  143. What should I gift my girlfriend for her birthday?

    In my opinion Flowers are best option to go with to impress a girl. Because nothing can quite parallel the delicate beauty of a female, still flowers come close, making them a popular gift for girls. All flowers can be representative of feminine beauty, but particularly delicate blooms, such as orchids and lilies are especially popular for reflecting the fragile beauty often associated with female recipients.
    With flower you can get her a personalized gift, something like a Photo frame or a Mug would be better with a nice message on it. .
    You can get her some chocolates too. .

    With the gifts part covered for birthday, you should try make the as memorable as you can for your girl. .
    Get a nice dress for her. . Book a table at her favorite restaurant. . Go out for a movie or a long drive could be a nice option. .
    Think from her point of view, what she likes and dislikes and you’ll know what to give her. .

    Good luck
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  144. What are the best gifts for a girlfriend on her Birthday?

    Hey there ! Here the budget comes into the scene. Some suggestions would be :

    a surprise party
    A photo collage of her or you both
    A jewellery box, check Fizoolkharch
    A dress she always wanted
    A handmade frame, check Fizoolkharch
    Plan the whole day with whatever she likes
    Set of coasters with her snap and some dialogues she always say. Fizool Kharch team can help you with that. You may wanna contact us at 9811988702

    583 views · View Upvoters · Answer requested by Praveen Malik

  145. My girlfriend’s birthday is next week. What are some creative ideas for a birthday gift?
    Thank you for A2A. If you want to make a personalised gift then make a calender with photos starting from this month of her birthday to the same month of the next year. If you have more time and skill you can even edit the dates of your anniversary and other special days else you can make a simple one only with photos of your friend circle and you both and maybe her family too.

    Otherwise you always have the option of a mug, a pillow, a collage, a scrap book etc. All with photos.

    Even simpler buy a teddy or a ring or jewelry of some kind. But don’t go alone take another girl with you. Believe me we have no idea what girls may like in jewellery.

    Good luck. Make her smile.
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  146. Mitesh Patel
    Mitesh Patel, STEM Learning Solution
    Answered Apr 8

    Once there was an engineer who fell in love with a writer. So much head over heels he was that he decided to make her his forever. And being the engineer he was, he wanted to pop the question in an unusual, innovative way keeping it romantic all the same. He looked for here and there and everywhere when he stumbled across our DIY surprise gift box using a Smartphone. Just one look and he knew this was it. And after that, the two had their happily ever after!

    The End.

    For more details visit here…

  147. What are some great suggestions to gift my girlfriend for her birthday?

    The sweetest gift I ever received from a boyfriend was a very small but beautiful gold and opal necklace. It is beautiful, and I still cherish it, even though we broke up quite badly and married other people. He was a very nice man, but a philanderer who cheated on me and broke my heart when I was about 19. It was all good, because the break up made me realize the type of man I wanted and what was important to me.

    Now I am married to a wonderful man. We have been married for over 34 years and have two children together. He has spoiled me for any man.

    The best gift?

    Treat her like a queen. Be a good person. Love her selflessly.

    If you want to buy her something special, a bracelet or necklace would be nice. If you are into art, maybe an art piece. If your strong point is photography, maybe a beautiful picture of the two of you together. If you like trips and/or other outdoor activities, take her somewhere interesting and romantic.

    If you don’t have much money, it doesn’t matter. Do something special and make her feel loved and adored.
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  148. Kiran Gupta
    Kiran Gupta, Book lover, Occasional Blogger, street food lover…:)
    Answered Nov 30

    A good birthday gift solely depends on likes and dislikes of the receiver. If you know the person, and their likes and dislikes well, it will greatly help in choosing the right birthday gift. Since you want to buy a birthday gift for your girlfriend, I would recommend you make a list of the things she likes and dislikes. This list will definitely help you in choosing the right gift for her.

    Otherwise, you can also go for some simple and sweet gifts like a personalized mug, a bouquet of flowers, box of chocolates, gift hamper, statement necklace, etc.

    Hope this was helpful.

  149. Vineela
    Vineela, Some relationships come with expiry date that is very close.
    Answered Nov 27, 2015
    For ex girlfriend: I won’t recommend any gifts to exes.

    For girlfriend: Know her tastes, or know what she needs but don’t have, buy such thoughtful gifts that suit her opinions or tastes and/or needs so that it would be more adorable.
    Her fav color dress
    A dinner at her fav place with fav dishes
    Or You make something creative for her
    A Phone/gadget she always wanted
    Cute hand bag
    Dinner cooked by you etc

  150. What are some great suggestions to gift my girlfriend for her birthday?

    Gift her the pleasure of your company and time for the entire day. Go out with her on a memorable date. Plan out the entire i.e day lunch, dinner & tea(homemade if you are a great cook or know someone who can help). Visit a theme park, museum, water sports park, beach, places of tourist attraction, natural hang outs, you could check out on the internet for places to visit in and around your city. Then you can gift her chocolates along with flowers(red roses ), it will surely be romantic and also it will be the most precious gift 🙂 . Visit our page and like it on .

  151. Shakur Moulton
    Shakur Moulton, Young Entrepreneur
    Answered Jan 2



    Attention to details.



    If she likes material stuff, buy that make up set she’s been blabbing about or sneak into her phone apps if you can get into her shopping cart and buy her wish lists it would be great. (Spreaking from my experience) lol..

    If she’s into sightseeing and outdoors, take her somewhere astounding.

    If she’s into cooking, buy her that favorite chef’s recipe book.

    If she’s into art, bring her in an art exhibit or buy him art tools or if you can afford buy her one.

    It’s basically kmowing what she’s into(:

  152. Dipanshu Rathore
    Dipanshu Rathore, Avid Gift Lover
    Answered Sep 18, 2015
    I suggest you to visit surpriseplanet(dot)com.

    Just pay INR 499/- (free shipping) for 1 surprise box. We will send a gift package for her birthday which she will certainly find useful and worth the money. What the item would be, you and her will know only after opening the box (that’s why it is called a ‘Surprise Box’!).

    You can pay securely through Cr/Dr card or Netbanking via CCavenue’s payment gateway, which ensures security of your personal and financial data.

    We currently ship all over India.

    Our facebook page is facebook(dot)com/surpriseplanet.

    Please visit and like the page if you like our concept.

    Disclaimer: I am an advisor to surpriseplanet(dot)com, which is founded by my wife.

  153. Giftee Gifts
    Giftee Gifts
    Answered Feb 25

    The things I’ll post here are obviously very subjective and are based on the way my mind works, its associations and context. It might not fit the most of you kids gifts, but I hope to find here some kindred spirits that will enjoy my ideas and maybe even act up upon them, and bring those things to their worlds and to the worlds around them.

  154. What are some great suggestions to gift my girlfriend for her birthday?

    We are 3D printing gift company, committed to R & D design creative gift, like the Moon lamp, it becomes top popular gift in the market. bcz it support customize function. everybody can custom-made your Unique Moon.

  155. What are some good birthday gift ideas for my girlfriend?

    This time, provide her this website link – and ask her periodically check for free promotional gifts from fortune 500 companies. Promotional products are mostly related to home use or personal usable items. She will be more than happy for sure.

  156. What should I gift should I get my girlfriend for her birthday?

    Oh my goodness! You’ve found a match and you should go with what her heart desires. Perhaps a cannon? A set of dueling swords to mount on the wall? If there is no other bond or interests you share, then think what weapon is affordable for you and that she can mount on her wall, or show to friends to prove your devotion. If you’ve noticed she enjoys candy, or you’ve caught her sniffing flowers at the market, then that might be an enjoyable back up, or small addition to the weapon her heart desires. Love is grand.
    236 views · Answer requested by Kas Wolf

  157. Quora User
    Answered Sep 29, 2014
    Take a look at these Wallets. They have gotten some really good reviews.

    Personalized Ladies Wallet

  158. Aditi Mishra
    Aditi Mishra,
    Answered Apr 18, 2017

    This article might help….

    Creative handmade gifts for girlfriend that will sort your life ~

  159. What should I give my girlfriend for her birthday?

    Confuse about giving gift on her birthday then don’t worry because there are no. of options for girls to give gift. Think about her favorite stuff. Pack it together and make it more precious and memorable with bunch of flowers specially pink flowers which will bring a smile on her face.

  160. What is the best gift for my girlfriend on her birthday?
    What better gift then jewelry!We girls go crazy when our bf’s gift us a piece of jewelry. I love this site ShopAimez. It has unique, quirky accessories and gifting options. Your gf will love it and appreciate the effort you put into choosing a gift.
    And Happy bday to your Gf
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  161. Quora User
    Answered Jan 13, 2016

    If you’re comfortable with programming, here’s a great idea I had while making a gift for my girlfriend last year – A VIDEO GAME!

    It featured her as the main playable character, with some of her close friends and myself as computer-controlled players. The map modelled our hometown, with major roads and buildings featured as is. She had to go on a treasure-hunt at locations which meant a lot to us in our relationship – for example, our first date, or our first movie together. To make things interesting, I also included enemies which she and her friends could shoot down using their laser guns. I had also included audio birthday messages from every close friend of hers, which played whenever she bumped into them or shot them with her laser gun.

    You could use the Unity game engine for development. It’s not that difficult to grasp in a short time.

    PS : I had to go anonymous as my relatives are on Quora (I don’t want them to know I have a girlfriend 🙂 )

  162. What gift I should give to my girlfriend?

    Those are all really sweet and original ideas!!! I think whatever you make for her is genuine, she’ll be able to tell that it’s genuine and appreciate it even more.

    I think anything you give to her that’s heartfelt is a good gift. I would avoid copying websites or other ideas, it’s perfectly okay to get inspiration from them, but a heartfelt gift is better than a repurposed idea.

    Maybe try including a card and add personal touches that feel like ‘you’.

    If you do decide to add more I will leave with you this piece of advice: if you force it, it will look forced.
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  163. What are some good birthday gifts for my girlfriend?
    I think Jewelry would be the perfect gift for any girl. I am damn sure every girl would be happy to receive another piece of jewelry no matter how much she has. Moreover, when presenting your gift, make sure to make your gift more special to her by packing your gift beautifully with a wrapping paper and then putting it in an attractive Gift Bags of her favorite color. Good Luck 🙂

  164. I Bronder
    I Bronder, Fulltime Carer of My 5 Kids, 2 of Them Autism
    Answered Jul 18, 2018

    As a woman myself, I would make me happy if my partner brings me somewhere to eat or to have a day out together. I goes about the memories it brings.

    Everyone can buy most of the stuff themselfs and everyone has most of the things already.

    Think memories!

  165. Rajiv Bansal
    Rajiv Bansal, Flower Delivery, Gifts Delivery Service Provider
    Answered Jan 24, 2018

    Well, birthday gift for girlfriend can be anything which is thoughtful as well as unique. You can choose flowers as well as cakes or even go with some personalized gifts like cushions, mugs, photo frames, photo stones etc. Personalized gifts or any other gifts for that matter should be of good quality as you are going to send these to your girlfriend. And if the gifts are of good quality they remain longer with your partner. You can buy these from a website MyFlowerTree; which exceeds in quality as well as deal in a wide range of gifts. Hope this helps!

  166. What should I gift my girlfriend for her birthday?

    At Gigeo® Personalized Birthdays Greeting Videos you can find a huge variety of very unique birthday videos to send to someone. Each are personalized to the individual and are one of a kind. You simply give the birthday person’s name, where they are from, who the video is from and wait for your perfect gift. Why send a boring birthday card or try to come up with that perfect gift, when these are fast, easy, and super cool. Some examples for “her” are as follows:

    Gigeo® – Birthday Card Ideas For Her – CHIPPENDALE BIRTHDAY GREETING – Personalized Shout-Out

    Gigeo® – Personalized Gift Ideas For Her ~ SPEED DRAW PORTRAIT Personalized Written Message

    Gigeo® – Love and Romance Gift Ideas – MESSAGE IN THE SAND Personalized Written Message

    These are just to list a few.

  167. What should I give to my girlfriend on her birthday?

    Take her out to the eating place (like everyone does). Make arrangements with the restaurant so that all the staff there wish her a happy birthday – from the guard to the floor manager, and tell them to play some particular favorite songs of hers – of which no one but you know.After you can give some Chocolate Gifts.
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  168. Devesh Pratap Singh
    Devesh Pratap Singh
    Answered Apr 13, 2018

    Your girlfriend will love it because most of the girls like cakes and you know your gf well and this cake is like homemade their is no chemicals used in makin of this hence I will always reccommend CAKEFITE .com . Why this because their service is too good and the taste of the cake is mind blowing. They have a huge collection of all types of cake and the most important thing is they offer freshly baked cakes. And if you order your cake today it is delivered same day.they make all kinds of designer cakes, cream cakes or customised cakes.


    Birthday cakes

    Anniversary cakes

    Cakes for your love

    Themed cakes

    Cream cakes

    Cheese cakes

    Fondant cakes

    Fresh fruit cakes

    For him

    For her

    For boy

    for girl

  169. Nidhi Gupta
    Nidhi Gupta, former selfemployed
    Answered Jan 24

    The best gifts are a box of chocolates or a flower bouquet. It will make her very happy to know that you are thinking of her especially if they live far away from you. Choose an appropriate gifting service that has a branch in the town where your girlfriend stays. Then you can make next day delivery using the gifting service. Pick your gift, add a note saying how much you love her, and specify the date when she must receive the gift. They store will send it on that date. You can pick any gift you like because the store will have many things like personalized mugs, teddy bears, keyrings, calendars, and so on.

  170. What is the best gift I can give a girlfriend for her birthday?

    A tangible gift (watch, wallet, perfume etc) to your girlfriend will hold its value for a week, a month or maybe 6 months (hold onto your girlfriends if this is the case) but physical things tend to lose its importance over time.

    Experiences last longer! Gift her an entire planned evening which will always be part of her good memories.

    Through my search for gifting something unique to my parents in India, I came across this start up in Mumbai which provides experience based gifts.

    Website: Gift Moments, Not Things.

    Fb page: Yellow Moments

    Basically, they plan an entire evening for you which includes a luxury car pick up & drop along with a meal at an exclusive restaurant and much more.

    I gifted their experience package to my parents in India & they made sure that my parents felt special throughout the evening.

    They did small small things like in-car photo placards, playing my dad’s favorite songs in the car, sending a special invitation in the morning & other such things. These made them feel important on their special day.

    -This was placed on the restaurant table to welcome my parents-

    They are a bunch of young professionals aspiring to do something different. Drop them a message & let them help you plan a unique gift for your loved ones in India.
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  171. What are the best impressive birthday gifts for girlfriend?

    Pay attention to the little things that she says and keep them on your mind until her birthday. Maybe she’s talked to you about going somewhere, maybe she mentioned always wanting to try something or maybe she has not said it to you but she has a best friend you can get info out of. There is not a one size fits all gift because your girl should not be the same as every other girl to you.

    You can always fall back on jewelry.
    46 views · Answer requested by Quora User

  172. Nirav Patel
    Nirav Patel, studied at of Management studies,Ahemedabad
    Answered Mar 23

    On Birthday Occasion, There is Some Lots of Birthday Gifting idea.

    Choose a Best birthday gifts for girlfriend and find out good birthday gifts for girlfriend online which is really helpfull to get in touch with thoughtful birthday gifts for your girlfriend.

  173. Lindsey Johnson
    Lindsey Johnson, Self Employed
    Answered Nov 30

    Ah one of the most difficult questions out there! haha.

    I’ve said this on another answer around gifting, you often hear people talk about people or their partners being difficult to buy for. I think if you really know someone, then it should be fairly easy to buy for them.

    So it really depends on what your girlfriend is into. Is she a girly girl or more of a tomboy? Does she like fashion? Music?

    There are some classics which I think are a great accompaniment to a main gift, flowers are good for any occasion for example. A really nice fragrance is also hard to go wrong with. Jewellery is a good idea, as long as you feel that you really know her taste.

    Of course a great gift that she’ll love and you can both enjoy is some really nice lingerie from somewhere like Lovehoney, Ann Summers or Adam & Eve.

  174. What are some great suggestions to gift my girlfriend for her birthday?

    There are so many personalize options and stuffs available including a carefully prepared greeting cards,video with declaration of love,bunch of roses,tasteful red wine, chocolate with her tastes, necklaces and rings with your and her names,her favorite pets and dolls,creative diy items, latest generation of iPhone and iPad,tattoo for her even gun etc,the answer varies based on her personality,I was wondering what she interested in,those inexpensive but lovely unique romantic tend to be more welcome for girls.I would like to share my personal experience.

    I have recorded a economical and affordable but romantic video with declaration of love matching with her favorite music,what i recorded includes playing piano and dancing and lovely moment I and she together enjoyed in the video.

    Furthermore,i bought a cute lovely pillow stuff with“smile”mark at… just according to a blog filled with may practical suggestions and views about how to pick up a gift…

    Maybe anything is better than nothing i always think,your girl would like what you personally give her instead of courier making her a big surprise and accompanying her allowing her to feel special,just do it,wish i can help you!

  175. My girlfriend’s birthday is near, what should I gift her?

    Maybe, this year, gift her enough understanding / communication, so that you don’t need to ask this question in such a generic manner on a public platform next year.
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  176. What do I give to my girlfriend on her birthday?
    How old is she, and how old are you?
    How long have you been dating?
    Is she into fashion, gadgets, the arts, books, crafts?

    To throw some ideas out there in random fashion:

    Massage for him and her together at a nice spa
    Include a thoughtful card with some thoughtful messages about your thoughts towards her
    A collection around a theme in preparation for the fall: warmth (light fall sweater/pullover, some awesome hot chocolate (or spiced apple cider) to drink together, … box of macaroons
    Pair of tickets to see a show of some sort

    Hope that helps.

  177. What should I give my girlfriend for her birthday?

    Surprise her in such a way that her Jaws fall open and will sweep her off her feet.

    Gifts and surprises need not be costly n fancy always. Simple things make us more happier. When you have done something by yourself with love has more value than spending thousands on a thing.

    Rather than one huge thing you can gift her small things she will need everyday.

    Suppose she is turning 20 gift her 20 little things she’ll use on daily basis(keychains, pens, lip balm etc). She’ll remember you every time she uses them.

    Good luck!

  178. What are some great suggestions to gift my girlfriend for her birthday?

    The best gift you can give the woman you love:

    Your time.

    Make the whole day about her, with a little nod to your anniversary. Do something with her that shows how important she is in your life, how much you love having her be a part of your life, and how special being with her makes you feel.

    So, think of something thoughtful, catered to her interests and feelings, and give her your time.

  179. What’s the best gift to my girlfriend’s birthday?

    Need a great gift for your girlfriend? I am here to help you. I will suggest you Chocolate is one of the best gift to your girlfriend’s birthday. So Express your feeling to give chocolate gifts to your girlfriend.
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  180. Eileen Kang
    Eileen Kang, Director, Community at The Commissioned
    Answered Sep 8, 2015
    A good birthday gift for a loved one has to be a thoughtful and personal one. You can consider a customised piece of art. Why? It’s deeply meaningful and on some platforms, it’s accessible and affordable. You can commission a piece with your girlfriend’s favourite items / elements – say she loves sunflowers. You could commission a artwork portraying a field of sunflowers. Or you could customise a portrait of your girlfriend- this would work as a brilliant centrepiece in her bedroom.

    Alternatively, if there’s an old photo of you with your girlfriend, why not commission an artist to change that into a painting? A painting is timeless, and you can have the artist customise it in whichever size you prefer, so that it sits perfectly in her house.

    What was the first place where you met your girlfriend, or had your first date? You could use that place as a background, and have the both of you painted into the foreground. Imagine the kind of stories you can tell your grandkids when they ask about that painting in future!

    You can even fill in a story to accompany the painting – this is akin to your birthday card.

  181. What will be the best gift for a girlfriend on her birthday?

    Special Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend – IGP.

    Gifting is an art that is practiced since ancient times but not everyone can be a master of this art. Especially when it comes to gifting someone as important as a girlfriend. She is a special someone who deserves the best treatment, especially on her special day: Your girlfriend’s birthday. Finding the best birthday gift for your girlfriend can get a bit confusing as you need to put in a lot of thoughts. This where IGP can help you to ace the art of gifting. Just browse through our extensive website and will see a plethora of gifts for a girlfriend on her birthday that you can pick from. So, whether you have just started this beautiful journey of love with her or know her from quite some time, IGP has amazing creative birthday gifts for girlfriend that are sure to impress her. You can select from mugs to jewelry, appeals, make up kits and many more items.
    44 views · Answer requested by Sushant Gawade and The Unique Surprise

  182. Susan Baker
    Susan Baker, I work in eCommerce software development
    Answered May 16, 2018

    It doesn’t matter what you have on your mind, make it full of good mood and fill it with positive vibes. When you get too hard on yourself, and you keep struggling to identify the best gift, before you do anything you should go back to the roots of your relationship and try to recall if she was mentioning something she wanted for a long time but didn’t get it for some reason. If you can manage to find it, it certainly would make a great impression, but if you don’t have something like that on your mind, you can always count on a good piece of jewelry to make the necessary impression and speak better than a thousand words.

    I’ve found this website extremely helpful if I’m in need of a latter option. And my wife loves wearing everything I’ve ordered from it, and more than a high-quality I appreciate stellar customer service and timely delivery.

  183. If you girlfreind is someone who appreciates small little presents but which are thoughtful and beautiful – then you would want to consider these facepots. It is a flower pot which you can personalise witht he photos of your girlfreind, her favourite print and some text right on the pot. It will be a wonderful decor for her room and something that will remind her for many years of her thoughtful and caring boyfriend like you 🙂

  184. What should I gift my girlfriend on her birthday?
    We Are send good quality birthday flowers, cakes, gifts with same day and midnight delivery for every location in Chennai with good quality , Also if you are send birthday gifts to your girlfriend through our website : Flowers to Chennai, Send Online Cakes to Chennai, Anniversary Flowers to Chennai

  185. What surprising gift should I give to my girlfriend on her birthday?

    Depending on how long you are together,your financial ability and if you know her taste well enough.

    To name a few:

    -a nice piece of jewelry will be nice gift,especially if it is custom made,with the initials of both of you on it inside.

    – a memorable trip with romantic dinner with the sunset on the background.

    -if you cook diner by yourself and decorate the place for her with candles and rose petals.

    -a tickets to a concert of her favorite band…

    -a pick nick at the beautiful park ,by the lake….

    -her favorite flowers with a note from you

    Hope that helps!

    But it has to be sincere.J
    478 views · Answer requested by Abdul Latheef

  186. Which is the best birthday gift for a girlfriend?

    A BTS merch or a BTS bomb or anything related to BTS, ofcourse…lol…Sorry…I am an ARMY..

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  188. What will be the best gift for a girlfriend on her birthday?

    Have you ever thought of gifting your girlfriend Handmade Soaps as Gifts? We, at SuDa Bubbles, make Handmade Natural Soaps which are made from completely Natural Ingredients and are completely Chemical Free. There are several clients who have gifted our Soap Hampers to their loved ones for various occasions. It is a useful gift and the person can have immense benefits. I have attached a few images which show the various types of gift hampers. It will be a unique and interesting gift she will not even be expecting. Check out our Instagram Page to know more about the products that we offer and also you can contact us to guide you on the best gift possible.
    19 views · Answer requested by Sushant Gawade and The Unique Surprise

  189. If you are unable to decide what gift should be given to your loved one, check out WowSurprises! helps you decide the gift based on the personality of the receiver and equation between sender and receiver.
    My personal experience has been mind blowing with them till now.

  190. What can I give to my girlfriend on her birthday?

    Hi ! You can buy her flowers , candy , jewelry with her name on it , her a birthstone ring or you could get her a gift card from a store you go to and she can pick out her own gift ! Thanks

  191. What is the best gift I can give a girlfriend for her birthday?

    Give her something unique something that says I love you, something she didn’t ask for but wants. Perhaps she mentioned wanting to go somewhere or do something or receive something. Think back on what she said her intreats and hobbies and go from there. Just turn your listening ears on lol hope that helps! if not jewelry is always safe, Good quality jewelry not like Walmart jewelry from a actually jewelry store jewelry.

  192. What gift will you give your girlfriend for her birthday?

    Depends. What does she like? Is she bujee, hippie, gangsta, preppy, what are her likes dislikes? Me I’d want my bf let’s pretend for a second I have one ok. I want him to get me a PS4 diablo III and a sound bar

  193. What can I give my girlfriend in her birthday?


    Soft toys




    Cell phone

  194. What should I present my girlfriend with on her birthday?
    Gift her something which is valuable to her. Be it expensive or not.
    If she complains you about time you don’t give to her,give her that.
    if she wants to celebrate with her parents, get aside and make way for them.
    If she adores creativity, make a card for her

  195. What should I gift my girlfriend for her birthday?

    Show the importance towards her. Spend all the day vdh her and I recommend you to not give anything which you can’t afford because that may become habit. When you give something​which is worthy they tend to expect more from you.

  196. Gift something’s that’s remembered. Not materialistic . Let her know you searched so many places and came up with whatever it is . A phone or a watch are temporary things .

    I recently saw a post about a website called Potatowishes – Send an anonymous message on a Potato! that sends personalised handwritten text on a Potato . Now that’s crazy. Love it or not she will definitely remember such gift for the rest of her life .

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  198. What is the right present to tell a friend to give to his girlfriend on her birthday?

    I think u should go with some kind of personalized gifts like – personalized chocolate or something more unique..

    U can visit – Personalized Gifts For Birthday,Marriage,Anniversary and many more @ Home Page for few examples u can also buy from there

  199. Birthday is the Right time to show your love to your Girlfrind ! Every girl looks forward to be Cared & Felt so special on her Birthday .

    I can tell you so from my experience ! I am Chef Nataha Mohan founder of Cake Central Design Studio , I get thousand is request every year , of men who are trying to make their Girl Friends feel so special on their Birthdays .

    Most Importantly Try and spend your whole day with your Girl Friend this it’s self a Gift and showing your GF how much you love her .

    And included these tips too in this most special Day

    First thing in the morning, Start your day by gifting her Ballons Flowers & Choclates
    Lunch or Dinner at the beautiful Restraunt in your city ( as much as your pocket can afford )
    A Romantic Movie Treat will do wonders to your relationship and also give your some “alone time”
    Then Gift her a beautiful Designer cake , theme of the Cake should be on her passion or things of her interest , as no Birthday is complete without a Birthday Cake .

    Now Here are my top 23 Designer Theme Cakes for Women . Choose a Theme which is most closely relates to her , am sure she will love you more on knowing how much you know about her .

  200. What is the best birthday gift for a girlfriend?

    Some kind of Accessory Like purse, watch or bangles,etc. would be better than anything. Also safe as some other things might require you to answer some question’s after you are done giving it!

    If she is into books then a nice book will do all the magic!

    And if you know that she is definitely into something and you can find gift around that then that will be awesome!
    236 views · View Upvoters

  201. Think about something that you too share a love of. For my boyfriend and I it is teddy bears, both of us have over a hundred. Even though I may have a lot of he gave me one I can tell you that it would mean more to me than anything in the world. I may not be like other girls but I don’t need 1,000 dollars worth of jewelry, a cheap teddy from the store will do it for me because I will know that he thought about what I liked and put thought into my present instead of picking the most expensive or elquent thing.

  202. What should I give my girlfriend on her birthday?

    Every gift basically must comprise of 2 parts:
    1. What few things she loves the most- a small but unique item dedicated to her with care taken that it should be personal to her and not generic.
    2,The other part of the gift should be dedicated to the time you spent together, the instances, the clips, the moments, her few unique replies, line, comments and their impact on you.

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